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A historic collapse between Colorado State and Stanford?


Los Angeles Buffaloes’ Deion Sanders gives it all in 29 games against Cardinals

BOULDER — Joshua Karty gained extra game experience in the second game with a gold-medal 31-yard field goal, and Eliic Ayomanor scored at 294 yardage record achieved in the game stanford cardinal raymontouna Disadvantages of 29 pips Wangsai time 46-43 Alos Colorado Buffaloes virtue Deion Sanders These are the first few minutes.

Fue la Mayor ventaja desperdiciada en la history virtue Colorado.

Alaka’i Gilman intercepted Shedeur Sanders’ drift, set up play on Carty’s diagonal and connected 46 yards on the play game.

Ayr cardinal (2-4, 1-3 Pac-12) recovered with a 29-0 run behind quarterbacks Justin Lamson and Ashton Daniels.

Daniels second game–con la contribución de Lamson– llevó a Stanford University Ocho series anotadoras in a row.Ayr cardinal tuvo 408 de sus 523 yards en la segunda mitad y el tiempo extra.

Daniels Lanzó had 396 yards and a touchdown. Ayomano totaled 13 receptions and three touchdowns, including a late extra score and 97-yard score. Troy Walters (278) had 294 yards against UCLA in 1999.

“Essentially the best of both worlds, estar abajo 29-0 contra unequivocal realmente bueno y simplemente no darse por vencidos”, statement el entrenador en jefe de Primer año depor vencidos”, statement el entrenador en jefe de Primer año depor vencidos”, statement el entrenador en jefe de Primer año depor vencidos” Stanford University, Troy Taylor. “Disfrutaremos de este (triunfo)”.

Colorado Arriving at 8:20 pm local time and reaching the finish line at 12:21 am local time, a total of 17 attempts and a distance of 127 yards.

“Desde que estaba joven, no recuerdo estar arriba 29-0 y perder un party”, sentence Deion Sanders. “Realmente no (lo recuerdo). Eso es un poco difícil para mí”.

La Mayor ventaja desperdiciada por Colorado antecedents of opposition Stanford University On November 6, 2010, there were 28 objections in Kansas.

Shedeur Sanders finished with 400 yards in the air and five carries for 37 yards on the ground. buffalo (4-3, 1-3) Tomar soon started the game with a 29-0 run and 13 points.

But no problem.

“No tenemos más remedio que seguir adelante. Así es la vida”, the expression Deion Sanders. “No esperábamos eso…no podemos Sentarnos y Sentir lástima”.

Travis Hunter’s comebacks on offense and defense Colorado The National Hospital has a beautiful environment and beautiful surroundings. Tuvo had 13 receptions for 140 yards and anotaciones. También registró cinco tacleadas.

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