Airlines cancel flights through Israel after government declares war


Israel has officially declared war on Hamas, and many airlines have canceled flights in and out of Tel Aviv, Israel’s largest international airport.

American Airlines said in a statement to that it would suspend flights until Friday as it closely monitors the situation on the ground.

The cancellations came after the president of the Allied Pilots Association, which represents 15,000 U.S. airline pilots, issued a “no-fly” order.

Ed Sicher said in a report on Sunday that since Israel has declared that it is now at war, it “knowingly continues flights to war zones and knowingly puts our crews and passengers at risk.” is imprudent or inappropriate.”

He warned pilots to refuse any missions to Israel, adding that the Federal Aviation Administration had issued a notice to aviation personnel urging “extreme caution.”

Delta Air Lines also canceled all flights to and from Tel Aviv for the remainder of the month, but said in a statement that it would “work with the U.S. government as needed to assist in the repatriation of U.S. citizens who want to return home.”

The U.S. Embassy in Israel said in a security update on Monday that it was continuing to “closely monitor the dynamic security situation in the region.” Although Ben Gurion International Airport is open, “some flights have been reduced or suspended. American Airlines has temporarily suspended flights to Israel.”

Several international airlines have also suspended travel across the country. Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific canceled flights to and from Tel Aviv on Tuesday. Air Canada said it is currently suspending all flights as it monitors the dynamic security situation. Ireland’s Ryanair said on Monday it would cancel flights in and out of Tel Aviv until October 11, citing operational restrictions. Air India and Lufthansa announced the cancellation of flights until October 14, and Norwegian Air said it would cancel flights before October 15.

Korean Air canceled one of its three weekly scheduled flights to Tel Aviv on Monday and plans to hold another meeting on Monday to discuss future flights between the two countries. However, the airline said it planned to fly a 218-seat aircraft from Tel Aviv to Incheon on Tuesday to bring South Korean citizens home.

crews heard near-constant rocket fire Monday at Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport, less than 40 miles from Gaza on the outskirts of Tel Aviv. reporters in Jerusalem also described an unusual quiet in a place usually packed with tourists. The conflict, now in its third day, has left more than a thousand dead and is escalating as Israeli Defense Minister Yove Galante ordered a “total siege” of Gaza on Monday.

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