Alan Wake, Michael Myers and Jack Skellington Join Fortress Heroes’ Halloween 2023 Lineup


It’s October, which means the month of Halloween is here. As “Fortress Heroes” players know, this month developer Epic Games will celebrate the season with the launch of “Fortress Heroes,” a horror-themed event that typically includes new weapons, missions, skins, and more. This year is no exception. “Fortress Heroes 2023” lasts from now until November 3, and brings “Alan Killer”, Michael Myers, Skeleton Jack, new shotguns, new blades, pumpkin launchers, Witches broom and more.

Everything from the Fortnitemares 2023 event:

New Fortress Heroes Skins and Outfits

One of the most exciting aspects of the new Fortnite Halloween event is the addition of new skins and costumes to the battle royale. For our money, this year’s lineup is one of the best yet.

These are four new original looks created by Epic Games: The wrapped villain SethDace Bogstickmy strusti Phantom Meowand nautilus Phaedra.

Jack Skellington in Disney’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Pumpkin King (who is also trying to become the King of Christmas) will later join Fortnite during the Fortnitemares 2023 event. He will appear in the item shop.With him, players can get Zero back bling, Mint Parasol Pickaxeand Jack’s Sleigh Glider.

in addition, Jack’s horror expression Built into the garment, you can travel with the universal clawfoot Lock, shake and bucket bath emoticons as well as.

Michael Myers for Halloween

shape, also known as Michael Myers, will be available in the item shop later during the Fortnitemares 2023 event. His set appears to include a musical emoticon, a sparkle on the back of a jack-o-lantern, and a knife that serves as a pickaxe.

Alan Wake

The tortured author is Alan WakeIt will appear in Alan Wake 2, which will launch later this month, and will be added to the item shop during Fortnite 2023. You can pick up Alan Wake’s outfit, satchel, weapon and vehicle skins, and a special flashlight-style pickaxe.

New Fortnite Weapons

In addition to new looks and outfits in Fortress Heroes 2023, Epic Games is also adding some weapons and more content to the battle royale game.first of all stake shotguncan be found on the ground, in common and rare chests, and holographic chests.

You can also receive Thrawn’s Vampire Blade, which only drops after you defeat the vampire Caddo Thorne. It gives you health at the expense of others – damage your enemies and your health will slowly regenerate.

If you’re looking for something a little more explosive, this is the pumpkin launcher, return from the vault. With it, you can fire explosive jack-o-lanterns to scare your opponents. It can be found on the ground, in common and rare chests, holographic chests, and flying drones.

this witch broom is a new Rocket Ram-style traverse that will quickly launch you into the sky, where you can safely glide to the surface below. You can find it on the ground and in chests.

In addition to these weapons, you can also find different candies on the battle island, each with different effects.have candy corn, Peppermints, hot dropsand jelly Bean. As for what happens, you’ll have to pick them up to find out. But Hot Drops, for example, give those who eat them a temporary low-gravity effect.

You can find this candy by ringing the doorbell in the candy bucket and defeating the guard or eliminating the boss.

Fornitemares 2023 tasks and rewards

As with most such events, Epic Games has prepared some tasks for players to complete during Fortress Heroes 2023. Here’s what to look forward to:

  • Complete 5 Fortnite missions to get bat royal back jewelry and a Cat banner icon
  • Earn by completing 15 Fortnite missions Sweet!expression, Fantasy falling trajectory,as well as Hypnotic Bat Spray
  • Earn by completing 25 Fortnite missions Revenant Rider Glider, Inside the Sanctuary loading screen,as well as The Rise of The Revenant Lobby Tracks

Epic Games stated that the “Fortress Heroes” missions will gradually become available during the event, which will last until 2 a.m. ET on November 3. These missions will challenge you to loot Thrawn’s properties, use new, unvaulted Fortress Heroes items, and more. Additionally, there are Fortress Heroes missions that challenge you to earn XP in Fortress Heroes’ creative mode.

Fornitemares 2023 Horde Charge Mode

limited time Horde Charge The experience in Fortnite 2023 is back in Fortnite. As a team, you must travel to different locations and survive against each other’s hordes of cube monsters. You must survive until you defeat the final boss. You’ll earn points as you knock down monsters, and you can make those points even higher with combos and collection multipliers. The Clan Rush mode will continue to be available during “Fortress Heroes 2023”, and the event will end on November 3.

Here are the special item quests and rewards you can complete during this time:

  • Obtained by completing 1 clan raid mission Dark package
  • Obtained by completing 4 Horde Raid missions Heart lantern emoticon
  • Obtained by completing 7 Horde Raid missions Batwing Bone Spur Pickaxe

Other Fortress Heroes 2023 Updates

In addition to the “Fortress Heroes 2023” update, a new “Quick Weapon” action in beta has also been launched.

“When enabled, Quick Weapons will replace the ‘Next Weapon’ button,” reads the Fortress Heroes blog post. “Press Quick Weapon to equip your primary item. Press Quick Weapon while pressing one of the face buttons to switch to one of the other inventory slots. You can press Quick Weapon and the face button at the same time to instantly switch to This item, or hold down the Quick Weapon button for as long as you’re willing to get used to how the face buttons match up with items in your inventory.

“Additionally, when Quick Weapon is enabled, ‘Previous Weapon’ will be replaced by a ‘Position Marker’ to make it easier to communicate with your squad. Alternatively, you can customize the controls in Controller Customization to move the previous A weapon is replaced with the action option of your choice.”

Elsewhere, Epic Games said that starting with update v28.00, players will need to be using OS10 or higher to continue playing Fortnite natively on Android. This means that Android OS9 will no longer be officially supported by Epic Games for Fortnite.

If you haven’t played “Fortress Heroes” recently, “Fortress Heroes 2023” seems like a good choice. Check out the Fortress Heroes Chapter 4: The Last Resort Season 4 trailer to learn about the season’s locations, vampires, and more, then read about how Star Wars’ Ahsoka recently joined the game. Then learn everything you need to know about Stronghold Heroes Chapter 4: Season 4, and find out how Donald Mustard, Epic Games chief creative officer and head of Stronghold Heroes, is retiring.

Do you want to join Fortress Heroes 2023? Let us know which skins you want in the comments below!

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