Amazon Prime Day October 2023: Best deals under $25


Amazon’s fall Prime Day (called Prime Big Deal Days) is officially here, and if you’re on a budget, the retailer is offering tons of discounts on items under $25 during the event. Prime Big Deal Days is a 48-hour sale exclusive to Prime members, including deals on home and kitchen, beauty and health, tech, and more.

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To help you make the most of Prime Day and identify what’s really worth buying, we’ve rounded up some of the best deals under $25 that we think you should know about. We will continue to update our listings with new savings opportunities throughout the event.

The best Prime Day deals under $25

Below, we share the best Prime Day deals under $25. All of our recommendations are based on our previous reports and reports. We’ve also included some products we’ve tried ourselves, including Select Health Award, Pet Award, and Bed & Bath Award winners. To ensure the quality of every deal, we run it through price trackers like CamelCamelCamel – every product is either at its lowest price ever, or its lowest price in at least three months.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is super durable

Average rating of 4.7 stars from 35,367 reviews on Amazon

According to the brand, the set comes with 10 sponges, all made of durable foam that can remove dirt, soap scum, grime, and other tough stains around your home. It also doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals—to activate the sponge’s built-in cleanser, the brand recommends adding water and squeezing 3-4 times.

Kitchen pizza cutter wheel

Average rating from 42,675 reviews on Amazon is 4.6 stars

lowest price ever

One of our favorite Amazon kitchen gadgets, this pizza cutting wheel fits in the palm of your hand and gives you more control when slicing your pie, according to the brand. This knife is dishwasher safe and comes with a blade guard to help you store it safely.

Chamberlain Smart Garage Control

Average rating of 4.4 stars from 93,970 reviews on Amazon

This Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled device lets you control and monitor your garage door through the MyQ app. According to the brand, you can also create an automated schedule to open and close your garage automatically and get instant notifications of any garage door activity.

Differin anti-acne gel

Average rating of 4.4 stars from 7,292 reviews on Amazon

lowest price ever

Differin Gel is a Select Best Health award winner and an expert-recommended treatment for acne-prone skin. It contains 0.1% adapalene gel, an over-the-counter vitamin A that can treat mild to moderate acne and blackheads and prevent new pimples from forming, experts previously told us in our guide to treating cystic acne. Dufferin recommends applying a thin layer of gel to affected skin after cleansing and before moisturizing.

Chom Chom roller pet hair remover

Average rating of 4.5 stars from 150,387 reviews on Amazon

The Chom Chom Roller, a Select staff favorite and expert-recommended pet hair remover, uses bristles to remove pet hair from sofas, beds, carpets and more fabric surfaces. Simply roll the device back and forth in short distances to capture pet hair – the lint will move around the room and be emptied with the press of a button. It also doesn’t use adhesive or tape to hold hair, making it a reusable alternative to lint rollers.

Amazon Smart Plug

Average rating of 4.7 stars from 550,519 reviews on Amazon

One of our favorite smart plugs, this option works with Amazon Alexa to add voice control to appliances like coffee makers, fans, lights, and more. You can schedule devices to turn on and off automatically, or control them remotely using the Alexa app. According to the brand, the plug is also compact and only takes up one outlet.

Swiffer 2-in-1 sweeping mop

Average rating of 4.6 stars from 72,576 Amazon reviews

Designed for sweeping and mopping hard surfaces, this Swiffer sweeper comes with a set of 19 refills: four dry heavy-duty cloths, three wet heavy-duty pads, 10 dry sweeping cloths and two wet mopping pads. According to the brand, the dry cloth removes dirt, dust, and hair, while the wet mop traps dirt and grime. The Swiffer sweeper also features a 360-degree rotating head that helps clean those hard-to-reach crevices.

Laneige Sleeping Lip Mask

Average rating of 4.7 stars from 33,741 reviews on Amazon

According to the brand, this expert-recommended lip mask contains antioxidants and hyaluronic acid to moisturize and soothe dry lips. It’s available in a variety of scents, including Caramel Apple, Mint, and Sweet Candy, and comes with a small applicator so your hands don’t come into contact with the product or lips.

cetaphil moisturizing lotion

Average rating of 4.7 stars from 7,177 reviews on Amazon

This Cetaphil moisturizer is one of our favorite body lotions because it’s unscented, suitable for sensitive skin, and non-comedogenic, which means it won’t clog pores or cause breakouts. According to Cetaphil, the lotion is formulated with hydrating glycerin to prevent dryness for up to 48 hours.

Hero Cosmetics Powerful Patch

Average rating of 4.5 stars from 133,550 reviews on Amazon

lowest price ever

Winner of the Select Best Health Award, these thin, lightweight acne patches start out translucent and turn white as they draw dirt, sebum and debris from the skin. Unlike other patches that use anti-acne ingredients, the Mighty Patch relies on a liquid-absorbing gel called a hydrocolloid. A strong yet gentle adhesive also helps keep the patch in place.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Average rating from 110,009 reviews on Amazon is 4.8 stars

You can use this personal water filter during outdoor activities such as camping and hiking. According to Lifestraw, it is equipped with a microfiltration membrane that can filter out parasites, microplastics and impurities in the water source when you sip through the top spout. You can also choose to buy them in packs of two, three or five.

The best Prime Day sales under $25

Here are the best Amazon Prime Day deals under $25 that we think you should know about. Keep in mind that not all items from a brand will be discounted as described below.

  1. Up to 60% off Nintendo Switch games
  2. Save up to 54% on Fire TV streaming devices
  3. Up to 47% off Hasbro games
  4. Up to 46% off Yankee Candle and WoodWick Candles
  5. Fullstar 4-in-1 vegetable chopper up to 40% off
  6. Up to 40% off high-quality skin care products such as Laneige and Innisfree
  7. Up to 32% off Amazon branded pet products
  8. Up to 30% off on home cleaning and laundry services with Lysol, Gain and more
  9. Up to 30% off Poppi drinks
  10. Up to 30% off selected Trtl pillows
  11. Amazon Brands Up to 25% Off Kids & Baby Fashion
  12. Enjoy up to 25% discount on similar foods
  13. Up to 20% discount on homemade skin care products
  14. Fly By Jing up to 20% discount
  15. Chamberlain Coffee Up to 15% Off

Prime Day: The best deals under $25 from other retailers

  1. Walmart: Through October 12, save up to 60% on electronics, kitchen appliances, outdoor supplies and more
  2. Kohl’s: During the Deal Dash event through October 11, you can get up to 30% off on some toys
  3. macy’s department store: Up to 60% off clothing, shoes, bedding, kitchen essentials and more
  4. Chewy: Up to 40% off pet essentials
  5. skin store: Through October 11th, use code FRIENDS for up to 25% off sitewide
  6. love you melon: Until October 12th, up to 25% off sitewide
  7. self made: Up to 20% discount on site

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