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Amber Heard Reportedly Planning Move to Madrid with Daughter

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Amber Heard, a Hollywood actress known for her role in Aquaman, has been in the limelight for quite some time. Her publicized legal battle with ex-husband Johnny Depp has created a lot of controversy, and she has been the target of criticism from Depp’s enormous cult following. Despite this, rumors are circulating that Amber plans to leave Hollywood and relocate to Madrid, Spain, with her daughter Oonagh.

Uncertainty About Her Career in Hollywood

Amber’s career in Hollywood was quite successful, with her role in Aquaman being her most famous one. However, there was uncertainty about her future in the DC world after the legal battle with Depp. Her character was not removed from Aquaman 2, but there were concerns about it. She has no desire to remain in the Hollywood area any longer and has stated that she has no plans to return. However, she has not ruled out the possibility of a comeback, stating that she will return when suitable for the right project.

She is selling Her Home in California.

Reports surfaced that Amber sold her home in California in July 2022 for $1.1 million, and she has primarily based herself in Spain since then. She was seen with her daughter Oonagh at a park designated for children. Oonagh, who was delivered to her family through surrogacy, is just two years old, and her mother does her best to shield her from the public eye.

Defamation Case with Johnny Depp

Amber’s legal battle with Johnny Depp has been ongoing for nearly a year, with Depp filing a lawsuit against Heard in 2019 seeking $50 million. He alleged that she fabricated her abuse allegations to gain additional financial gain from their divorce settlement. In response, Amber filed a countersuit against him, demanding $100 million in damages. The situation has been chaotic, and in June 2022, the court ordered Heard to pay Depp $10 million in compensatory damages and $350,000 in punitive damages for defaming the actor.

Amber was unsatisfied with the verdict and filed a motion for a new trial, believing that the court’s decision lacked sufficient evidence. However, the situation continued to drag on, and she eventually abandoned all the baggage and started a new life in Spain.

Amber Heard has been a controversial figure in Hollywood, and her legal battle with her ex-husband Johnny Depp has attracted much attention. Despite her successful career, she has decided to leave Hollywood and relocate to Madrid with her daughter. While her future in the film industry remains uncertain, Amber has not ruled out the possibility of a comeback in the future. However, for now, she seems focused on starting a new chapter in her life away from the chaos of Hollywood.

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