Austin Riley, Michael Harris II lead Atlanta Braves to World Series


You are the Atlanta Braves. You’re now feeling giddy after watching your version of The Hit, The Catch and The Throw.

In most cases, you know your chances of moving from eighth to $2.6 billion will increase. Forbes” Make a list of team values ​​regarding MLB teams and you will do so by fulfilling your destiny.

your destiny?

Your destiny is your second World Series in three years (or at least your current National League Division Series against the suddenly dizzy Philadelphia Phillies).

You knew your destiny, but not that well, because you won 104 games all season, more than anyone else, after leading your peers in almost every offensive category worth mentioning.

You know because of two innings.

You know these innings are an emotional boost for yourself and they can push you to win everything. You know those innings are dusted with pixie dust, you know they involve the bottom half of Game 8 and the top of Game 9 on Monday night at Truist Park in Atlanta, where you sealed the most improbable comeback win in baseball. one in playoff history.

As for the rest of us, at the very least, we should be considering the Warriors for the Fall Classic now.

They beat the Phillies 5-4 in Game 2 of the NLDS to tie the series at 1-1 in the best-of-five series, but it meant nothing. They didn’t hit much at home in a 3-0 loss in Game 1, and they didn’t hit the ball at all (literally) through the first 5 2/3 innings of this game.

Then comes the bottom of the eighth.

Right-hander Austin Riley hit a two-run homer to help the Braves climb from a 4-0 deficit to take their first lead of the series. Even more dramatically, he used only his left arm to guide the ball into the bullpen behind the left-field fence.

The Braves sealed the victory in the top of the ninth inning.


With one out, Bryce Harper stood at first base for the Phillies until teammate Nick Castellanos hit a ball past Braves center fielder Michael Harris. Michael Harris’ head before he circled the bases.

The Gold Glove winner in waiting sprints for the fence, leaps and catches the ball, then fires to second base.

“I knew right away it was going to be close to the fence,” Harris told me and other reporters from his locker. “I know once I go back I’m not going to stop. I’m going to do everything I can to wear gloves. If my body gets worse from it, that’s what I’m going to do.”

Harris has done enough. In fact, he said he passed out after the acrobatics, but not to worry.

Harris missed the point: His throw (not a “throw”) eluded Braves second baseman Ozzie Albies, but Riley rushed over to grab the second baseman and the mound. between the balls, and then he rocketed to first base with a “throw” that locked Harper in an attempt to retrace his steps around the bases.

The game is over, but the series isn’t.

“We’re trying to stay as positive as possible in the dugout,” Riley said, referring to Phillies pitcher Zach Wheeler’s dominant performance with 10 strikeouts in 6 1/3 innings for much of the game. The Warriors. “Everyone says we have to keep going, we have to keep going.

“He had an unbelievable night.”

So did those in the record crowd of 43,898. After both games, they screamed, danced and laughed in the area surrounding Veritas Park, known as the Atlanta Battery, the Braves’ $1.1 billion commercial and entertainment complex that has housed the stadium since 2017. feature.

Even if the Warriors lose at home, they will win.

You know, financially.

Thanks to The Battery Atlanta’s warm welcome, 3,191,505 people attended Braves home games this year (as well as those who came to buy something in any other month), and the Braves’ one-year value gain (24) was the top Top 10 in the team in that regard Forbes‘ List team values.

Along those lines, there have been a few big things happening for the Braves — like selling out Truist Park on most game days — and a few small things to show that since July, they’ve been under new ownership, Atlanta Braves Holdings. Under the management of Atlanta Braves Holdings Inc, their wallets remain quite healthy. This comes after Liberty Media sparked a long-rumored split as owners of the club since 20o7.

As for the little guys, the Warriors held three scrimmages last week at Truist Park to prepare for the playoffs as the No. 1 seed in the tournament. Open to the public free of charge, team officials opened the concession stand with business, not charity, in mind.

that’s right.

There was no food or drink in the house.

Then came the pep rally.

Even before Monday night’s Game 1, Braves officials encouraged fans to gather at the Atlanta Battery at noon on Tuesday to “send the Braves to Philadelphia” for Game 3 of the NDL. Warriors officials said everything will be free, but they emphasized that fans will have the opportunity to receive a 15% discount on purchases at the on-site team-owned store.

The more the Braves keep winning, the more they can combine these little things with these big things, and the more the Atlanta Battery will thrive.

That means if you’re a Warriors team, you’d think you’d be making a ton of money by Thanksgiving. That’s because you think by then you’ll have your fingerprints on another World Series trophy.

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