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Was the album-listening party for 16,000 guests cozy? special? Apparently, yes. Bad Bunny accomplished just that when he debuted his new record on Thursday (October 12), Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana.

Taking place at the iconic Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot (aka El Choli) in San Juan, the event’s schedule was a mystery when it was announced. Will Bad Bunny show up? Or will fans simply listen to the album track-by-track without him? Nobody knows. Despite this, tickets were sold out within two hours of going on sale.

Concert-goers had varying expectations, many of whom gave regeneration vibe with cowboy hats and boots and sparkly fringed tops and skirts. (Of course, Bad Bunny’s new signature, a blue cap from the Los Angeles Dodgers, was also in the crowd.) Some fans were excited to hear the album among friends and have a stellar sound. Others, however, wanted more.

“Espero que Bad Bunny salga — en un caballo (I hope Bad Bunny comes out on a horse),” joked Dariana Cruz, 33 advertising billboard. “He doesn’t have to sing, but he should at least come out.”

Cruz didn’t get her wish for him to ride out, but Bad Bunny did show up — and in spectacular fashion. In the center of the arena floor, surrounded by raucous fans, a modified vintage Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow (the same car used in the video for “Where She Goes” and during his performance at the 2023 Billboard Latin Music Awards ) slowly from the ceiling. Fans screamed. Bad Bunny is in the driver’s seat.

There were more than a dozen dancers surrounding the car below. They were all dressed in black, their faces completely covered by something like a balaclava, but their eyes were sealed, making them look like aliens. Bad Bunny is wearing the same outfit and has a plaid handkerchief on his head.

The album begins with a chronological track sequence, starting with “Nadie Sabe.” El Conejo nods subtly, matching the contemplative tone of the song, in which he reflects on his own trajectory. He started making music as a teenager 10 years ago, and now he’s almost 30 with five full-length albums and a slew of EPs and singles. In this song, Bad Bunny seems to be grappling with his soaring fame and the loneliness that comes with it.

The first number is crucial in setting the tone for the night. That’s why “Bad Bunny” feels relatable to thousands of people, even though he towers about 20 feet above them in a limousine that 99 percent of his fans will never be able to afford. During “Nadie Sabe” and at certain points throughout the night, he seemed to be looking out into the crowd, really looking for individual faces, looking for feedback or recognition.

The positive response from fans has earned Bad Bunny gratitude, which comes in the form of prayer hands and heartfelt bows.

The energy builds as the night wears on, with trap-heavy tracks (he gives the people what they want) and ready-to-play riffs. One surprising number, however, is the rhythmically patient “VOU 787,” which samples the wispy synth instrumental from Madonna’s “Vogue.”

Bad Bunny was assisted by several album guests who climbed up and lined up in the huge hay-covered VIP area located in a corner of the venue floor. Attendees included Young Miko, Feid, Bryant Meyers, Arcangel and Tainy. A total of about 50 special guests stood up and danced on this Western-style building.

Bad Bunny eschewed the mask for several songs, and the suit-and-tie singer began dancing outside the car. The car descended little by little, and finally, he jumped off the platform and walked into the crowd. He signed his own signature sneakers, and people queued for hours at the show to buy them. One concertgoer appeared to be unready with markers, while Bad Bunny decorated the top of his shoe with a burgundy lip gloss that was handed to him.

Bad Bunny then entered the VIP area. He took his time to greet everyone in the sixth row. Yet somehow, Bad Bunny managed to maintain a certain routine on his tour, arriving at several collaborators just as their songs began to play. He delighted the audience by singing alongside Feder his feature “Perro Negro” and Arcángel’s “Acho PR”.

The previously released “Un Preview” – which, as the name suggests, was released in late September as a teaser for the album – is the album’s final track. Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana, Just like that, it was a perfect ending to the night. But Bad Bunny didn’t surprise fans: He didn’t simply play the song, he performed it.

Bad Bunny sang in the VIP area, with his collaborators and friends cheering him on. But he walked down the makeshift hay bale, closer to the fans, who were dancing, singing and screaming the lyrics back to him. Benito pounded his fist on his chest, a burst of mist rose around him, and said: “Puerto Rico, los quiero, puñeta.”

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