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Bad Bunny’s new album ‘Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana’ releases Friday


After weeks of unconfirmed trailers and rumors, Bad Bunny has announced his fifth solo studio album and follow-up to his record-breaking Un Verano Sin Ti. The newly announced “Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana” (“No One Knows What Will Happen Tomorrow”) will be released this coming Friday, October 13th.

The Puerto Rican pop star confirmed the details in a lavish trailer for the film posted on Instagram. In the visual, a masked Bad Bunny walks past a crowd of paparazzi into a bustling restaurant, with people staring at him as he walks through the dining area. A staff member greets him, and the camera pans to show off the singer’s new haircut – which is reminiscent of his 2018 hairstyle as a trap rapper.

Bad Bunny wrote in the caption of the post, “El día más esperado por muchos ya llegó…” (“The day most anticipated by many has arrived…”). On Spotify, the track list shows 22 songs, each with the title “Fuego” (“Fire”).

The latest music releases from Bad Bunny are Drake’s “For All the Dogs” and his solo single “Un Preview,” which appears on the 22-song tracklist. The “unpreview” was announced on Bad Bunny’s WhatsApp channel (a new feature on the platform, where he has over 12 million followers). At the time, he said this might be his last solo single of the year.

Vanity Fair writer Michel Ruiz mentioned in a new in-depth interview that Bad Bunny’s new album will be released later this fall, although this has never been confirmed by the artist or his team. He shared that he was “having a lot of fun and letting go” while working on the follow-up to Un Verano Sin Ti.

“I take a lot of inspiration from ’70s music — across genres, both Spanish and English — but I’m not sure if that shapes my music in general or just a song,” he said.

Bad Bunny also recently appeared at the Billboard Latin Music Awards, accepting numerous honors including Artist of the Year (for the third year in a row) and performing a live performance of the hit song and his new single. Bad Bunny wears tracksuits and giant diamond-encrusted cowboy boot chains through “Moscow Mule,” “Titi Mae Pregonto,” “Neverita,” “Me Porto Bonito,” “Where’s She Going?” and his latest work “Un Preview”.

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