Bears GM hints team’s relationship with WR Chase Claypool is over: ‘I wish him good luck’


Chase Claypool’s relationship with the Chicago Bears is as good as it gets without the team actually having to say anything.

The young wide receiver, who was selected with the 32nd overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft last season, performed well against the Denver Broncos last week, but was left out of the Bears’ Thursday Night Game. Zhong was once again ruled out of the game. Football game this week against the Washington Commanders.

Before the Commander game, Bears general manager Ryan Poles took to the Bears’ ESPN 1000 radio station to discuss Claypool’s Bears career in the past tense, adding that he wished him the best for the future. all the best.

Via NBC Sports Chicago:

“You’re always disappointed with situations like this, and that’s definitely my responsibility,” Poland said. “Last year, in the situation we were in, we wanted to add another receiver to the offense, not just to help We also increase efficiency to help Justin take the next step.

“The right thought process was there and I felt comfortable with it. Unfortunately it didn’t work out and we were hoping he could be a little more productive and be someone that could help us get to the next level.

The Bears and Claypool are no surprise at this point.Claypool’s performance in Week 1 was so bad that he had to apologize to the team while also Low light reels go viral. After a few mediocre games, Claypool was asked if the team put him in a position to succeed. His answer was simple: “No.”

Claypool has not competed since.

At this point, the Bears’ only options appear to be to trade Claypool or cut him. The Pole said Thursday that with Claypool still away from the team, the team will “look at the next step day by day,” according to ESPN.

Even by Bears standards, Chase Claypool’s tenure has been a disaster. (Photo by Cooper Neil/) (Cupanier via )

Claypool will be a pending free agent after this season, and his value is at an all-time low. Any team that wanted to take a chance on him basically thought his entire Bears career was a mirage, although Claypool also had issues with the Pittsburgh Steelers. It’s not an attractive sale, so any deal for the actual assets would be difficult to pull off for Chicago.

Regardless of where Claypool ends up, the decision to trade him was arguably the worst decision of the Polish Bears’ tenure, and two years later it’s no easy feat. The team sent a valuable second-round pick to Pittsburgh in hopes that Claypool would become a top target for young quarterback Justin Fields, but he would finish with 191 total receiving yards in 10 games His Bears career.

The Bears averaged 4.4 yards per target to Claypool.

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