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Like the Eras tour itself, Swift is letting her journey of times Movies are all about the fans.

At the premiere on Wednesday (October 11) Taylor Swift: Time Tour At the Grove Hotel in Los Angeles, a host of VIPs were on hand – from Beyoncé (more on her below) to Adam Sandler, Maren Morris and Julia Garner. But while Swift passed by the movie ahead of its release, the pop superstar chose to spend her time on the other side of the red carpet, where fans invited to the film’s premiere lined up along the barricades to wait for a moment. See her style. their idol.

They ended up getting more than just a glimpse, with Swift posing for photos with dozens of fans and personally thanking them for supporting her most ambitious tour yet, and now she has her own ambitious movie to go with it.

And the gratitude train was just getting started, because Swift also headed to every AMC theater in The Grove on Wednesday night to screen her movie, giving a three-minute speech about why this tour means so much to her.

“Come rain or shine, in sickness and in health, no matter what happens in life, we will perform this show,” she said from every theater stage. “We all had smiles on our faces because of everything that greeted us across the way.”

forward Taylor Swift: Time Tour Hit theaters early Thursday night to see some of the best moments from the film’s Hollywood premiere, as well as what Swift left on the cutting room floor during the first three nights of a six-night run at SoFi Arena in Inglewood, California.

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