Bigfoot caught on camera during couple’s romantic getaway in Colorado


A married couple believes a mysterious creature joined them on a romantic trip to Colorado.

“It’s story time, everyone,” Shannon Parker posted on Facebook after she and her husband, Stetson, were celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary when they spotted Bigfoot at noon Winding down the hillside.

She said they spotted the legendary, elusive creature on a train between Durango and Silverton in southwestern Colorado.

“As we were passing through the mountains, Stetson saw something moving and said I thought it was Bigfoot,” Shannon, 44, wrote in her Facebook post.

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Shannon and Stetson Parker, who were celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary, claimed they saw Bigfoot. (Shannon Parker/LOCAL NEWS X/TMX)

“It was at least six or seven feet or taller. It matched the saint in the mountain so well that when he crouched it was like he was in disguise,” Shannon told the New York Post. “If you had asked before our trip, we would have said maybe (Bigfoot) could be real, but now we’re convinced.”

They responded as quickly as possible.

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Shannon wrote in a Facebook post that while she was taking photos, the man “Brandon” sitting next to them shot an 18-second video.

Pictures and videos of a moving train are the latest blurry visuals that some claim prove Bigfoot is real.

Shannon Parker and Stetson Parker were celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary in Colorado when they pointed out blurry photos in the distance that they thought were Bigfoot. (Shannon Parker/LOCAL NEWS X/TMX)

A married couple believes this blurry image is of a Sasquatch, the latest evidence of the mysterious creature’s existence dating back to the 1800s. (Shannon Parker/LOCAL NEWS X/TMX)

“You guys, out of the hundreds of people on the train, three or four of us actually saw, as Stetson said in the video,” Shannon wrote on Facebook. Foot monster! I don’t know what you think, but we believe it!! (sic)”

She told The Washington Post that the train conductor said similar non-human sightings had occurred before.

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“He said he had seen bigger, wider strides when snowshoeing on those mountains before,” Parker said.

“He also saw things he couldn’t explain.”

The married couple said they saw a creature they thought was Bigfoot wandering the side of a Colorado mountain. (Shannon Parker/LOCAL NEWS X/TMX)

The comments section is a mix of funny videos, cynicism from non-believers, and lamentations from believers.

The Washington State National Guard provided a description of the creature in a blog post titled “The Legend of Bigfoot.”

“The legend of Bigfoot transcends recorded history and spans the world,” the Washington National Guard wrote. “Across North America, especially the Northwest, you can hear the seven-foot-tall furry man prowling the woods. stories that occasionally scare campers, loggers, hikers, etc.”

It goes by many different names, including Sasquatch, the National Guard explained.

“Those who claim to have seen Bigfoot describe everything from large upright apes to truly hairy humans, sometimes standing over eight feet tall and described as being physically powerful.

“The debate and research continue. Entire organizations exist to study and document Bigfoot and prove its existence, and groups regularly search Northwest forests in search of conclusive evidence.”

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