Bigfoot spotted in southern Colorado?


(SOUTHERN COLORADO) — A video taken by a couple on vacation to celebrate their wedding anniversary has now gone viral, showing an elusive Bigfoot lurking in the mountains of southern Colorado.

According to Fox News, on October 8, Shannon Parker and her husband Stetson celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary in southwestern Colorado and decided to take a narrow gauge train from Durango to Silverton with the purpose of watching elk in the mountains.

But there might be something otherworldly lurking in those mountains.

Shannon posted about the encounter on Facebook and said her husband initially spotted something tall and furry moving among the bushes on the hillside.

“It was at least six or seven feet or taller. It matched the saint in the mountain so well that when he crouched it was like he was in disguise,” Shannon told the New York Post. “If you had asked before our trip, we would have said maybe (Bigfoot) could be real, but now we’re convinced.”

Shannon said that as soon as they spotted the creature, they started taking photos while the man sitting next to them filmed it. The 18-second video, which was shared thousands of times on Shannon’s Facebook post and sparked debate on social media, shows the so-called “squat” marching across a hill before stopping to rest.

Comments in the film range from conspiracy theorists who believe the creature is a man in a costume to Bigfoot enthusiasts supporting the irrefutable evidence.

Shannon told the New York Post that the conductor said there had been similar mysterious sightings and unexplained footprints in these mountains before.

We may never know if this sighting was an actual Bigfoot, but for Shannon and her husband, their minds are made up.

“I don’t know about you, but we believe it!” Shannon’s Facebook post read.

Fox News contributed to this report.

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