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Billie Lourd Breaks Silence on Family Feud Over Carrie Fisher Tribute

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Behold, the enigmatic and cryptic saga of Billie Lourd and her private life has taken a turn for the public eye. Forsooth, the actress has made an unusual move by releasing a public statement to address a family conflict before a critical ceremony honoring her deceased mother, Carrie Fisher.

In a confounding twist, Lourd explains that her mother’s brother and sister decided to grieve in public and capitalize on her mother’s passing by conducting several interviews and selling separate books for a lot of money, with her mother and grandmother’s deaths as the subject.

Lourd stated, “They never consulted me or considered how this would affect how we would relate to one another.” She also acknowledges that they are free to act. However, they see fit but deem their actions towards her extremely cruel during the most challenging period of her life. Lourd has decided to approach dealing with her mother’s passing differently than her relatives.

The beloved Star Wars legend Carrie Fisher died suddenly at 60 in Los Angeles on December 27, 2016, causing the family to suffer an immense loss. Her mother, Debbie Reynolds, a famed performer, passed away at 84 in Los Angeles on December 29, 2016, one day after Carrie Fisher did. Todd Fisher, her brother, published the autobiography “My Girls: A Lifetime with Carrie and Debbie” on June 5, 2018.

Joely Fisher, her sister, also released a book titled Growing Up Fisher: Musings, Memories, and Misadventures, which is her autobiography. Lourd, however, prefers to keep her personal life mostly under wraps, sharing bits and pieces of it on Instagram, where she frequently pays tribute to her mother and grandmother on anniversaries, birthdays, and other significant occasions. Her availability for interviews is minimal, and those that take place are often related to her acting ventures.

The feud between Lourd and her relatives came to light on May 2 when TMZ reported that Fisher’s brother, Todd Fisher, was not invited to see his sister honored posthumously with a star on the Walk of Fame this week. Todd Fisher expressed his disappointment to TMZ, saying, “It’s heartbreaking and shocking to me that I was intentionally omitted from attending this important legacy event for my sister, Carrie.” Joely Fisher and Tricia Leigh Fisher, two of Fisher’s sisters, issued a joint statement early on Wednesday morning that was posted on Joely’s Instagram, revealing that they, too, were not asked to attend the event.

In response to both the TMZ and Instagram posts, Lourd referred to them in her statement, claiming that “once again, the press statement that Todd Fisher delivered to TMZ and the posting that Joely Fisher made on Instagram proves that my suspicions were accurate. To set the record straight, there is not a feud. There is no connection between us.” According to Lourd, who has two children with her husband Austen Rydell, “This was a conscious decision on my part to break a cycle with a way of life I want no part of for myself or my children.”

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