Boston Bruins Foundation-sponsored Jerry York Moxley Field’s new outdoor rink/court speaks at opening ceremony


Moxley Field’s new sports complex and field will be sponsored by the biggest names in Boston area hockey, and one of Watertown’s hockey royalty will be part of the dedication ceremony later in October.

The Watertown Recreation Department issued the following announcement:

Residents and friends of Watertown,

On behalf of the City of Watertown, Watertown Recreation Department and Boston
Bruins Foundation, it is my honor to formally invite you to attend our stadium dedication ceremony at:
Private First Class Richard Moxley Field.The event will be held on Wednesday, October 25 at 4:31 p.m.
Westminster Street in Watertown.

I’m honored that we were able to honor Marine Corps 1st Class Richard Moxley, who served in the Vietnam War
Named after this, while creating a fun-filled event that not only dedicated, but officially opened our
Latest recreational facilities. The facility includes a multi-purpose ice rink, basketball court, tennis court/
Pickleball courts and LED lighting.

The Boston Bruins Foundation graciously accepted our offer as title sponsor
Court and officiant of the event.Additionally, they agreed to host a hockey clinic for us
Children of Water City.Bob Sweeney, former Boston Bruins Stanley Cup finalist and current
The president of the Boston Bruins Foundation will lead the clinic.

I am proud to add that Jerry York is the winningest coach in NCAA hockey history, a five-time NCAA
Champions, National Hockey League and USA Hockey Hall of Fame members will be special guests
speaker.Coach York grew up in Watertown and attended Watertown High School
Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2012. Watertown Legend was born in Watertown and grew up in Watertown.
After returning to Boston College, he moved back to Watertown, where he currently lives.

On behalf of the City of Watertown, Watertown Recreation Department and Boston
Bruins Foundation, we look forward to seeing you at the PFC Stadium Dedication Ceremony
Richard Moxley Field.If you have any questions about this event, please contact
For recreation please call 617-972-6494 or email [email protected].

Peterson Torah
Recreation Director

Boston Bruins Foundation Mission

“The Boston Bruins Foundation is a non-profit organization that partners with charitable organizations
This shows a commitment to health, education and sport.this
The Foundation firmly believes that advocating for children and families in these areas will
Creating a strong support system that will ultimately improve our community.
Since its founding in 2003, the foundation has raised more than $62 million through events and activities.
Community Initiatives.To celebrate 20 years of impact, the Boston Bruins Foundation will
Donate an additional $1 million to at least 20 charities to assist
The Foundation’s mission statement for the 2023-2024 season.besides celebrating
This year marks the foundation’s 20th anniversary, and the Boston Bruins are approaching their 100th anniversary
Participated in the National Hockey League.They are the first U.S. hockey team to achieve this goal
milestone.Throughout the season, the Bruins will celebrate their big highlights
There have been special themed game nights and community events over the last century. ”

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