Braves-Phillies 2023 NLDS Game 4 storylines


As entertaining as this postseason has been, it has become an all-time highlight in October, with the first 8-5-3 doubleheader in postseason history to end Game 2 of the Braves-Phillies National League Division Series. – – One thing we haven’t seen yet is whether this is a decisive win or go-home game for either team. Frankly, we only have two series so far that we haven’t swept! Now only one Division Series game remains. It’s probably no coincidence that many consider this to be the tightest series.

Storyline 1: Will Warriors history really repeat itself?

It’s truly disturbing how much similarities there are between this year’s Braves-Phillies NLDS and last year’s Braves-Phillies NLDS. Atlanta once again trailed Philadelphia by 14 games in the regular season, but quickly found home-field advantage taken away. The Warriors took the lead late in Game 2 to even the series. In Game 3, Aaron Nola was outstanding (again) for Philadelphia, and one of the Braves’ young pitchers was knocked out early in a blow the NFC East champions knew was what. Before they were defeated, the game was out of reach. The noise from the crowd at Citizens Bank Park must have shaken the ground for miles.

Just like that, the Warriors’ 100-win season is coming. Last year, the Phillies took an early lead in Game 4 and won handily. Strider, a young pitcher struggling with his game last year Game 3 had a great first game of the year (despite losing) and will now try to reverse the course of history.but deja vu Very strong.

Storyline 2: Will the strongest lineup in history appear?

Well, maybe not the best But the Braves are undoubtedly one of the best offenses from top to bottom in recent baseball history, setting the MLB record for slugging percentage while tying home runs. This offense has impacted the team all year long, especially starting in Week 1 of the season. What matters most for the 2023 Braves ruthless; This lineup has two MVP candidates and There are no easy outs at the bottom of the lineup. Then the series started and Atlanta became a dead-ball era team. The Braves have scored a total of seven runs in three games, five of which came in three innings at the end of Game 2…the only reason they’re still playing baseball right now.

The Braves posted a .196/.257/.268 batting line in this series.Ronald Acuña Jr., Matt Olsen, Marcel Ozuna and Ozzie Albies one Total extra-base hits. Atlanta’s bats have come alive in three innings of this series, but what about the other 24? nothing.

Storyline 3: Does anyone dare pitch to Bryce Harper again?

There have been many, many playoff highlights over the last two Octobers, but when you close your eyes and picture the first image that pops into your mind…it’s not Harper’s shot in the Philadelphia night ? For two straight playoff games, the fans at Citizens Bank Park were roaring with joy, and Harper was their undeniable embodiment, unleashing a dominant scream of joy nearly every time he took the field.

These are individual baseball games, and we all know the saying “the starting pitcher has better momentum than the next day.”But gosh, the Phillies, well, they have atmosphere Now. They turned the page on a potentially heartbreaking loss in Game 2 and played it like it was nothing, like it never happened, with Harper leading the way with a pair of huge dingers (and a pair of unforgettable gaze). The Phillies, regardless of their regular season record, look untouchable right now. In that park, in front of a crowd, Harper had the heater on… and they probably were.

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