Broncos lose to Jets 21-31, comeback fails


Despite having chances to put some distance between themselves and the Jets early on, the Broncos were unable to capitalize. After the Denver defense opened the game with a three-and-out, the Jets recovered after rookie wide receiver Marvin Mims Jr. blocked the ensuing punt. Denver’s defense held New York to a field goal, and the Broncos responded with their fourth kickoff touchdown in five games. However, Wilson was forced to a safety after another defensive stop. The Broncos didn’t lead 7-0, but only 7-5.

“Bad performance, unfortunately how I played,” Wilson said. “I tried to go out and throw it away, but they caught me right before I could throw it over the head of the apartment. There’s still a lot of games left to play. We still did a lot of good things in the first half. We did it there. Some good things, but we have to be cleaner in the third quarter.”

Later in the first half, the Broncos scored once at the New York 5-yard line and then at the New York 10-yard line. In both games, Denver managed a field goal.

“Situational football is the way to win in this league,” tackle Mike McGlinchey said. “When you score six points instead of 14, that determines whether a football game is won or lost. On top of that, you turn the ball over three times after that, you don’t give yourself a chance. We have to do that in the red zone. Get better.” We’re deep in it and we have to put points on the board. no excuse. “

The Broncos’ fortunes took a turn once the second half began. Although the Jets led 13-8 at halftime, the Broncos opened the second half with a three-and-out and didn’t take the lead again until the end of the game. 6 minutes and 35 seconds of the fourth quarter.

“We didn’t do enough to keep the pace, we didn’t play clean football offensively, and that’s the whole reason we lost this football game,” McGlinchey said. “It’s unfortunate, but that’s the reality – we have to do better.”

Meanwhile, the Jets’ defense allowed Beece Hall to score a 72-yard touchdown on the first play of the second half. Although the Broncos were able to hold New York to field goals rather than touchdowns on all five red zone possessions, the Jets still led 24-13 with 7:27 left in the game.

“We’ve got to find out,” inside linebacker Josey Jewell said of the struggles stopping the run. “We’ve got to watch the tape. Not really sure what happened. It seemed like a couple guys were out of position every time. We’ve got to be able to communicate and execute and maintain our form.” clearance and playing football. “

Although the Broncos were ready to fight back in the final seconds, they ultimately fell 0-3 at home this season. While the Denver Nuggets have lost their first two games by a combined three points and have a chance to tie the game late Sunday, Wilson said the potential for a better start to the season can only mean so much.

“That’s what it is,” Wilson said. “We really should and could be 4-1. But ‘could, should, would’ is not good enough.”

As the Broncos look to improve in just one week, they know the responsibility for progress rests squarely on their shoulders.

“No one cares about our troubles or woes,” Payton said. “They want to see production, and that’s the business we’re in. We have a quick turnaround, a lot of recovery work tomorrow, a lot of game plan film tomorrow and then we’ll practice for Kansas City. This ‘guy got hurt. We didn’t play well … I thought, we started out OK, but we didn’t play well enough.”

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