Broncos’ Sean Payton downplays interaction with Russell Wilson


Broncos head coach Sean Payton on Monday downplayed his interaction with Russell Wilson on the sideline following a quarterback fumble Sunday afternoon against the New York Jets.

Trailing 24-21 in the final minute of the game but only about 20 yards away from field goal range, Wilson tried to escape the left pocket as Quincy Williams approached him with a free blitz.

Instead of escaping, however, Williams knocked the ball out of his hands and Bryce Hall picked it up and returned it for a touchdown.

As Wilson left the field, Payton took off his headset and gestured to the veteran quarterback with his hand.

“I don’t think I was that active,” Payton said Monday. “Every communication or discussion I had with Russ (was talked about). I just wanted to make sure he knew the linebacker was a free rusher, so I didn’t think it was a big communication or a big deal. Maybe I’ve thought about it.”

Payton said earlier that the Broncos had five-man coverage, so the whereabouts of weakside linebacker Williams was unknown. So if Wilson blitzes, he should have a hot receiver to rush the pass.

“I think we can be a little bit stronger at tackle,” Payton said. “The pocket collapsed a couple of times. (Wilson) made some things happen, but with the zone coverage we saw, those immediate throws or progression was slowed down because of the coverage. So, clearing those things up and understanding where our money stands Very important.”

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