Bruce Willis not ‘quite verbal’ in battle with dementia, friend says


Bruce Willis stars in Glenn Gordon Cullen’s TV series Moonlight.

Bruce Willis’ friend and director Glen Gordon Cullen said the actor’s ability to communicate declined dramatically during his battle with dementia.talking new york postMr Cullen said he tried to visit’stubborn, stubbornThe actor has been visiting almost every month since being diagnosed with the degenerative disease earlier this year, and he does feel like Willis still recognizes him when he visits. Mr. Cullen created the television series “part time” This helped propel Mr. Willis to stardom in 1985.

“My sense was that he knew who I was from the first to three minutes,” Mr Cullen told the outlet. “He wasn’t exactly verbal; he had been a voracious reader – he didn’t want anyone to know that – and He doesn’t read now. All those language skills are no longer available to him, but he’s still Bruce.”

“When you’re with him, you know he’s Bruce and you’re grateful he’s there, but the joy of life is gone,” he added.

The first time Mr. Cuarón worked with Bruce Willis, he played David Addison Jr. in the show.part time‘, from 1985-89.

“What makes his illness so shocking is that if you had spent any time with Bruce Willis, you would have realized that no one had more joy in life than he did. He loved life, and… Just enjoy waking up every day. Mr. Cullen said: “Good morning and try to live life to the fullest. “

Mr Willis’ family revealed in February this year that he suffered from frontotemporal dementia. The announcement comes less than a year after he stopped performing due to a diagnosis of aphasia.

According to the National Institute on Aging, frontotemporal dementia is caused by damage to neurons in the brain’s frontal and temporal lobes.

The disorder causes changes in personality, behavior, and judgment. People with the disease may develop cognitive problems, but their memories may remain relatively intact, the institute said.

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