Carlos Correa gets booed by Astros fans, Twins stars and Josh Reddick react


Carlos Correa was a key figure in the Houston Astros’ golden years of baseball, and when the team drafted him first overall at age 17, they made no counteroffer to him and he left as a free agent. .

Now a member of the Twins, Correa tied the Astros after two games in the AL Division Series and was booed by Houston fans at Minute Maid Park, where he plays every October. As his playground.

Jerome Solomon: Astros fans should know better than to poke Carlos Correa, especially in October

That confused former teammate Josh Reddick, who won the team’s first World Series title with Correa in 2017.

“Then why are you booing Correa?” Redick posted on Twitter during the Twins’ 6-2 win on Sunday.

When one fan sarcastically said they didn’t know they were supposed to be rooting for their opponent, Redick retorted.

“No, no cheering at all! ,” tweeted Redick, who was there and made the “Play Ball” call before the first pitch. “If that’s your argument, why doesn’t everyone boo the rest of the Twins lineup?”

Indeed, in the first two games of the ALDS, Correa was booed vociferously, albeit mixed with some cheers, while much of the rest of the Twins lineup was met with indifference from the crowd.

After Sunday’s win, Correa said he understood the fans’ reaction to him.

“They support their team, right? I’m not a part of their team anymore,” Correa said. “After everything I’ve done for the team, that’s in the past. Now, I’ve moved forward. They’ve moved forward. I get it. They want their team to win and they want me to win every day. Strike out every time. That’s totally normal.”

No matter how you feel about Correa, it’s probably unwise to boo him because he feeds off these things, especially in October when he often clashed with the Astros. Even at just 29 years old, Correa ranks fifth all-time in career postseason doubles (19), seventh in home runs (18) and third in RBIs (63). Correa had fewer postseason appearances than anyone before him in the doubles and RBI categories.

The former Gold Glove shortstop went 3-for-4 with two RBIs and three RBIs in Sunday’s game and had a strong performance on the field to seal the victory. So far, Correa has made his first appearance for the Twins in this postseason and is 8-for-15 (.533) with three doubles.

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