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apple seems stay away from what is coming air master The series is helmed by director Cary Fukunaga, the James Bond filmmaker who was not included in the press materials announcing the premiere date. rolling stones I also learned that Fukunaga has taken a back seat. About his upcoming documentary series Omnivores with studio.

Apple said Thursday that the long-awaited World War II epic from Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg will premiere on January 26, 2024. Starring Austin Butler, Barry Keoghan and Ralph Lowe, the show tells the story of an elite American bomber unit that takes part in the war.Fukunaga No time to die, true detectiveand beasts without bordersDirected four of nine episodes. Although his hiring made widespread news and subsequent updates highlighted Fukunaga’s involvement – Apple called him a “visionary” in a separate deal announcement – Apple excluded him from the show This is in addition to the attached list of high-profile figures.

The film began filming in England in early 2021, but production was delayed multiple times due to the impact of Covid-19. May 2022, rolling stones spoke to nearly a dozen sources who claimed Fukunaga “abused his power as a director” by pursuing young women in his productions, including air master. Women said they were uncomfortable with Fukunaga’s behavior, with one claiming his persistence bordered on workplace harassment. (Fukunaga has largely denied these claims. When asked about allegations that he pursued romantic relationships with multiple young women on his set, Fukunaga did not respond. However, he claimed through his lawyer that he “did not act in any way that would or should have produced “acting in a manner that affects”. An article about allegations of misconduct.)

three air master Production sources said Fukunaga showed interest in at least three young women among the cast and crew during filming. In another instance, two production staff recalled that Fukunaga was photographing them with two background actresses dressed as 1940s prostitutes and striking provocative poses. “This has crossed the line,” one source said. “There’s no controversy… it’s OK no matter what. It’s an absolute, clear abuse of power.” (Fukunaga admitted he took photos of the women, But his lawyer said he took photos of everyone on set and “any suggestion of inappropriate behavior in doing so is false and defamatory.”)

first sight air master It was teased during Apple’s 2022 winter sale, but Apple never announced a specific date. The show was expected to air later this year, with a final announcement of a 2024 release date.

Fukunaga, who has a first-look deal with Apple, has another project called Omnivores Work with studios. The food-themed documentary series, in collaboration with world-renowned Noma chef René Redzepi, was announced in February 2022. Fukunaga serves as writer and executive producer, although he was heavily involved in the pre-production process. rolling stones It is understood he was not primarily involved when the allegations came to light last spring.


Asked about Fukunaga’s absence air master An Apple spokesperson noted that press materials rolling stones to a generic series landing page that redirects to another tab with a tabular list of the main cast and filmmakers. Fukunaga’s name was not mentioned in the official premiere announcement.Apple representatives did not respond Rolling Stones’Please comment on Fukunaga’s involvement Omnivores.

A representative for Fukunaga did not immediately respond to a request for comment. According to his social media posts, the director appears to have spent much of the past year documenting the war in Ukraine.

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