Catcher’s interference in 2023 Phillies-Braves NLDS Game 1


“I didn’t feel it, but I heard it,” Murphy said.

But the largest crowd in Truist Park history (43,689) grew more agitated in the eighth inning when a bases-loaded catcher interfered with two outs, allowing two runs to be scored. Initially, Realmuto fouled Pierce Johnson on a 2-1 curveball. But referee Brian Onora ruled it interference and ruled the fight disallowed after a replay review.

Murphy did not contest the ruling, and Realmuto immediately walked to first base to await the call.

“All I have is a big board,” Warriors manager Brian Snitker said. “I looked and Murphy didn’t say anything and I didn’t know a batsman would react like that. It happened so fast and there’s no way a guy would have reacted like that if it hadn’t happened. But I Can’t make out the video there.”

All Realmuto’s bat had to do was simply contact any part of Murphy’s glove, including the laces.

According to the MLB Umpire Manual: “The laces on the defensive player’s glove shall be considered when determining whether the ball crossed fair territory and whether the catcher interfered with the batter’s bat. As stated in the label definition, only contact with the hanging shoe The band does not constitute a label.”

Some fans angrily threw objects onto the pitch, causing a brief delay.

“There’s no excuse,” Snitker said. “I was on that pitch when that happened and it was scary. Because those water bottles came like grenades and could have seriously injured one of our players. It didn’t make sense.”

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