Celebrate Star Wars Day on May 4

Celebrate Star Wars Day on May 4: The Force is Strong with Fans

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Every year on May 4, Star Wars fans worldwide come together to celebrate one of the most iconic and beloved film franchises of all time. Fans of the franchise observe Star Wars Day annually as an unofficial holiday.

The date was chosen because of its pun on the well-known phrase from the film “May the Force be with you,” making it “May 4 be with you.” Even though George Lucas’s films have never officially recognized May 4 as a holiday, fans of the blockbuster franchise continue to commemorate the day year after year without fail.

Social Media Buzz: Posters, Screenshots, and Catchy Phrases

The outpouring of excitement from fans on social media is tremendous, with posters, screenshots from favorite moments, jokes, observations, and intelligent phrases flooding various platforms.

On Twitter, fans use Star Wars-related hashtags such as #StarWarsDay and #MayThe4thBeWithYou, which are trending. Star Wars UK shared a message from the Star Wars Celebration in Europe on their Twitter account, including a video and a statement: “A special message for #StarWarsDay from Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023… #MayThe4thBeWithYou.”

The Star Wars Franchise: From Movies to Comics and Theme Parks

Star Wars is a highly profitable science fiction franchise that was years ahead of its competition when it was first released. The franchise has since extended into various mediums, including comic books, theme parks, television shows, and video games. Every year, there is an unofficial holiday in honor of George Lucas’ 1977 release of the first movie in the Star Wars series.

Fans of the franchise host marathons of their favorite films and themed events in honor of the significant occasion, acknowledging the existence of Yoda and other Jedi masters. This year is no exception, with fans worldwide coming together to celebrate their love for the franchise.

The Catchphrase: May 4 Be with You

One of the most popular aspects of Star Wars Day is the catchphrase “May 4 be with you.” Fans fill social media platforms with brilliant jokes and wordplay, referencing the famous phrase “May the force be with you.” In the movies, the concept of the ‘force’ refers to an energy field that links everything and everyone in existence to the universe. Fans use the phrase to wish others good luck, implying that the odds are stacked in their favor. The fandom merely changes the word “force” to “fourth” to make the celebration unique and individual.

ESA’s Participation in Star Wars Day

The European Space Agency (ESA) also participated in the celebration by sending a tweet wishing its followers “Happy #StarWarsDay! What course of action would you take if a spectral version of Darth Vader was pursuing you?#MayThe4thBeWithYou!”
The Origin of “May 4 Be with You”

According to USA Today, one of the earliest recorded uses of the phrase “May 4 be with you” occurred on May 4, 1979, when a writer for a London newspaper wished Margaret Thatcher good luck on her first day in office. A full-page advertisement read, “May 4 Be With You, Maggie,” with the phrase “May 4 Be With You.” “Congratulations!” it continued to read after that.

Star Wars Day is a celebration that brings fans of the franchise together from around the globe. With social media buzz, marathons, and themed events, it’s no surprise that Star Wars Day has become an unofficial holiday celebrated annually by millions of fans worldwide. The catchphrase “May 4 be with you.

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