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Cristiano Ronaldo fights for justice in Iran, 99 games


Cristiano Ronaldo, coach of the Saudi national team, fighting for justice in Iran, under 99 Latigazos Haber Abrazado, expressed Charity and Progress and perform for Fatemeh Hamami on 99 September.

According to the Iranian media “Rouydad24” and “Sharq Emroz”, Iran’s Just Movement passed the Tehran outfit in the form of Portuguese star team, which in September, united CR7’s outfit to lead 2-0 in Persepolis in the Asian League.

During the visit, the football club will be wearing tights, training with Fatemeh Hamami – 85% of Paris Corporal artists – and enjoying the advancement of various activities related to pie.

Iranian media reported that some Iranian lawyers have proposed condemning Cristiano Ronaldo’s actions because the behavior of Iranian women is tantamount to adultery.

The Iranian team wants Cristiano Ronaldo to play for the Iranian team and this is how the Iranian team performs.

I’m subject to 99 infringements without anything happening.

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