Drake previews “For All The Dogs” and releases 23-track list – “Rolling Stone”


after teasing him upcoming album for all dogs For months, Drake unveiled the tracklist on Thursday, which features 23 songs set to artwork created by his son Adonis.

The slate includes new single “Charlotte 8 AM,” which the rapper surprisingly released on social media Wednesday night along with the track’s music video.

The film begins with Adonis showing off one of his pieces of art, which he explains to Drake, who replies, “It’s almost like a little story.” The painting features a goat. , with “Dad” written next to it, and Drake asked if it was him. “This is the father goat,” Adonis answered. “It means a lot to me,” Drake said.

The collaborative work “Slime You Out” launched with SZA in September also attracted attention. It is worth noting that the artist’s work has been hidden from the list.

Drake previously revealed for all dogsIn June, he announced that he had co-written a book of poems, “Titles Ruin Everything,” and within hours, he was on his way out. “I made an album to accompany the book,” he wrote at the time. “They said they missed the old Drake girl, don’t tempt me. For all the dogs.”

The new album is as follows her lossa collaborative LP between Drake and 21 Savage, as well as the rapper’s own certified lover boy and Honestly, it doesn’t matter.

Drake’s upcoming LP, for all dogs, expected to be released on October 6. The album was originally scheduled to be released on September 22, but the rapper announced it was postponing the release to focus on his tour.

“Well, the dilemma I’m facing is I can either cancel the show and finish the album, or finish the job and drop the album before the last show,” Drake wrote in a message to fans. “I owe you all these memories we’re building, and whatever we’ve missed so far, we’re definitely going back to. for all dogs October 6th. This is the only way…”


for all dogs Tracklist

1. “Virginia Beach”
2. “Facility”
3. “Calling You”
4. “Fear of heights”
5. “Daytime”
6. “First Person Shooter”
7. “IDGAF”
8. “7969 Santa Claus”
9. “stick you out”
10. “The Bahamas Promise”
11. “Do your best”
12. “Fuck the World Episode”
13. “Members Only”
14. “Painting Picasso”
15. “What would Pluto do?”
16. “All Parties”
17. “Charlotte 8am”
18. “BBL Love Interlude”
19. “Gently”
20. “Rich Dad”
21. “Another Late Night”
22. “Far from Home”
23. “Completely opposite”

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