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England will have perhaps the most impressive up-and-comers in the world when they host Australia on Friday. Jude Bellingham has taken the world by storm with ten goals in all competitions for Real Madrid. The twenty-year-old midfielder has guided Real Madrid through the injury absence of fellow superstar Vinicius Junior. Bellingham joins an already strong squad in England, albeit one that has struggled in the biggest international competitions, finishing second at the last European Championship and third at the previous World Cup. name, but reached the quarter-finals of last year’s World Cup.

Nothing suggests more than the full integration of emerging superstars that perhaps now will be the time when England can finally get over the hump. This international break, first against Australia and then Italy in the European qualifiers, provides an opportunity to see if Bellingham’s growth is reflected in international competition.

Here’s everything you need to know about the game and Bellingham’s meteoric rise.

How to watch

  • date: Friday 13th October | time: 2:45 p.m. Eastern Time
  • Place: Wembley Stadium – London
  • television: Fox Football Plus
  • live: Fubo (free trial)

How should England use Bellingham?

yes Jude Bellingham The driving force behind his dribbling and interceptions in his early years at Dortmund? Is he a deeper driver of England’s World Cup success?Or maybe the real Bellingham is the one we see real Madrid Colours, a center forward in midfield attire, whose early output in front of goal rivals some of the best ever to play at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Of course, he is suitable for all positions, and No. 22 is because His youth team coach convinced him that he could be a number four, eight and ten. Whether you’re Carlo Ancelotti or Gareth Southgate, Bellingham has got you covered.

When Bellingham arrived in the Spanish capital this summer, he found a club in no desperate need of another pacemaker, passer or chance creator, with their $110 million player regularly donning a Borussia Dortmund jersey. With Karim Benzema gone and Vinicius Junior injured, Real Madrid need someone to put the ball in the back of the net. They have been acquired in a manner that emphasizes fashion.

Bellingham scored 10 goals and provided 3 assists in 10 games in all competitions. Osasuna Last week, that meant he was scoring at the same pace that Cristiano Ronaldo set when he arrived in La Liga. It’s not like Bellingham hasn’t had a shot or goal at his previous club. In fact, last season he made 42 appearances in all competitions, contributing 14 goals and 7 assists. This year, however, the 20-year-old is playing like he’s ten years older, dramatically changing the way he shoots.

It is worth noting that his shots per 90 minutes in the league have increased by almost 25%, but what is clear is that the number of times he enters the penalty area has increased from 4.1 to 5.6, and he has almost 1 more shots per 90 minutes from the pitch. the most dangerous areas. He averages 2.39 shots in the penalty area per 90 minutes, ranking 35th among players in Europe’s top five leagues with more than 500 minutes of playing time. This frequency is comparable to the likes of Son Heung-min and Mohamed Salah. No wonder his xG soared from 0.27 to 0.53.

Bellingham’s shooting position in his final season in the Bundesliga and his first season in La Liga.

True Media

Bellingham’s numbers suggest that his eight La Liga goals have come from four more than expected, suggesting he may not be able to continue to hold Madrid’s all-time goalscoring record. However, if he continues his habit of making clever runs into the box late on, he will score many more goals.

Take his brilliant opener against Osasuna, for example, a goal scored by a veteran after years of learning the moves of his teammates. When Luka Modric has the ball on the right, Dani Carvajal makes a run to attack the space between the left-back and centre-back.

When Modric plays in Carvajal, Bellingham attacks the space that is about to appear.

Wiscott/La Liga

Bellingham’s first instinct was to look for a short pass inside, but he soon realized the ball would reach Carvajal inside the penalty area. From there, he was able to collect the counterattack from the right back and fire the ball into the back of the net.

Bellingham found space between the lines to score

Wiscott/La Liga

Bellingham is constantly on the move in the final third, always attacking space. When Ancelotti spoke of his veteran mentality, it was reflected in an instinctive sense of where the second ball might land. It’s a nightmare for defenders.

Ancelotti said: “He found a lot of opportunities in attack and the fact that he did not have a fixed position on the pitch, he caused a lot of damage to the opponent, no one expected him to reach this level of scoring. .” “It’s easier to study and analyze a player who is fixed in his position but he’s not fixed, so the fact is, it’s very difficult to defend him well.”

It gets better. The uptick in Bellingham’s scoring output hasn’t been accompanied by a huge dip elsewhere. There are some less obvious aspects of his game – improved dribbling, interceptions and ball recoveries – but he passes the ball and wins duels at the same rate. Currently, he is the free scorer in midfield and the last man to overload. If Real Madrid need him to make a change next month, a year or a decade, there’s little to suggest they can’t.

So what does England need from him? At the World Cup, Southgate essentially deployed his bright young player deeper, with fewer touches in the box and more defensive work assigned to him. Instinctively it feels like a misallocation of resources, like a Picasso gathering dust in the attic. but it is not the truth. Most world-class talent requires you to build a team around them. Bellingham is proving he’s adaptable enough to fit into so many roles, so it might be better to put other top talents in the best positions and trust your best midfielder to excel in whatever’s left. meaning.

Of course, Bellingham could occupy a forward position like the one he played when he scored a stunning goal against Scotland. Likewise, if Phil Foden continues to excel in the more central role he has played for Manchester City, the Bellingham-Declan Rice double pivot this season will be hooked in terms of ball recovery, retention and progression. Select every tile imaginable. The Madrid native’s own versatility provides Southgate with a way to incorporate Trent Alexander-Arnold’s more mysterious talents into midfield.

What Bellingham brings to Southgate is not only his adaptability but also a sense of a new beginning. It is indeed curious that an England team that has reached the quarter-finals of its last three major tournaments seems to have lost touch with its fans. The painful dividing line in club football could easily be transferred to the Three Lions. There are some legitimate questions to ask about Southgate’s seemingly unlimited faith in Harry Maguire, no matter how well he performs in an England shirt. Would these questions have been asked with the same poignancy and glee if he hadn’t been the captain of a team that everyone loves to hate?

Liverpool fans bemoan Southgate’s inability to exploit Alexander-Arnold, an elusive talent that has led Jurgen Klopp to reshuffle his entire squad on more than one occasion to juggle his right-back position. With a dozen training sessions in three months, it’s not that easy to accomplish. When Arsenal fans aren’t bemoaning the limited game time of Ben White and Aaron Ramsdale, they’re bemoaning Bukayo Saka’s excessive game time.

Bellingham dissected the conversation. His white success in Madrid (and perhaps in England next summer) belongs to the entire country. Liverpool supporters can argue that Bellingham is the best young midfielder in the world, and their Manchester United counterparts would probably agree. They are both right.

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