Fair Play: 36 thoughts I had while watching the new Netflix movie


I love a good workplace romance movie. Actually, now that I think about it, I can’t recall it in my mind – Is this what romantic comedies are like? set it or proposal counting?Because that’s basically all I watch, but I’m super excited about it fair playis an erotic thriller starring Phoebe Dynevor/Alden Ehrenreich about a young couple who secretly date while working at a cutthroat hedge fund. It looks really weird and sexy, and besides, I’ll take any excuse to see Rich Sommer – aka Harry Crane mad Men— In a dramatic role, he doesn’t have to play the Hare Krishna of the 1960s. Let’s dig into this, shall we? (Fair warning: the following thoughts are very spoiler-y!)

  1. Why are the wine glasses in bars so big? Was Olivia Pope ever here?
  2. Oh my god, Phoebe Dynevor is so beautiful.
  3. Would Phoebe (hereafter referred to as Emily) wear white to a wedding that was not her own? Even the cream seemed to taste bad.
  4. Wow, graphic sex scene just before the sixth minute.
  5. And make suggestions? Damn it.
  6. God, the commute sucks.
  7. So Emily and her handsome boyfriend (aka Luke) both work at a hedge fund? I knew this, but it still felt like a dramatic reveal.
  8. Just to be up front about this old adage: never date your coworker. Sure, sometimes that’s where Jim and Pam end up, but usually not.
  9. It’s crazy how little I knew about the role of hedge funds.
  10. A very angry white man broke things with a golf club at the workplace.
  11. maybe i just real There are no hedge funds, but you can… destroy stuff with impunity?
  12. Shower prosecco! I love Emily’s style.
  13. So Emily posted an article wall street journal The story of when she was 17? According to her weird boss Campbell? Who asked her to meet him at the bar early in the morning?
  14. Oops, our little sister got promoted!
  15. Numbers, numbers, year after year, blah, blah, blah.
  16. Hey, it’s Harry Crane!
  17. Hey, it’s Jimmy Barrett, the cheesy comedian!a regular mad Men reunion.
  18. Why are Luke’s sit-ups so scary?
  19. Luke is clearly not excited about Emily’s new promotion, now that she’s realized that she’ll actually be… having powers.
  20. They don’t let hedge fund employees smoke in the office? I think it’s a no-rules, freewheeling corporate structure.
  21. Oh shit, Emily’s boss calls her a “fucking stupid bitch.” It’s time to file a harassment complaint and never work again, Queen!
  22. This story about Duke Bullying Week makes me vaguely sick.
  23. Emily goes to a strip club with her friends, which pisses off Luke.
  24. There’s something really scary about this man’s facial structure.
  25. Now Emily and Luke are fighting over who gets to stay in the company?
  26. Big kitchen shouting scene!
  27. Oh yeah, I forgot these two were engaged, haha. Apparently they do too?
  28. Oh crap, Luke is acting terrible in the office while Emily tries to give a presentation to some Russian clients.
  29. Luke is completely devastated, yelling at Campbell and (predictably) revealing his relationship with Emily.
  30. Luke shows up at the engagement party Emily’s mom is planning, and damn, I don’t want to be a guest this Banquet.
  31. Oh my God, so many people were shouting.
  32. Just like that, they started banging again.
  33. Well, the sex turns into a pretty brutal and disturbing attack scene.
  34. Oh shit, Emily framed Luke as her long-term stalker of Campbell. After that scene, I kind of respect it?
  35. She also… stabbed him with all her strength? And force him to apologize for raping her?
  36. Well, that was a trip!

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