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A Look at ‘Fast X’ and its $18 Million Midweek Opening

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More than two million people turned out on Wednesday to watch “Fast X” in Chinese movie theaters, spending a combined $15.3 million on the film on its first release day.

The 10th film in the “Fast & Furious” franchise made a remarkable midweek debut at the Chinese box office, surpassing expectations and setting a new benchmark. The movie’s incredible opening day performance positions it as a frontrunner for the title of the biggest Hollywood film in China this year.

Fast X and its Midweek Opening

According to provisional data from Ent Group, “Fast X” received an impressive $2.83 million from previews on Tuesday and amassed $18.2 million on its first official release day.

These early scores and forward solid bookings indicate that the film will likely maintain its dominance at the box office throughout the weekend, even with the arrival of new Chinese releases on the more conventional movie outing day of Friday.

Competition and Rankings

“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,” which previously held the top position at the Chinese box office for two weekends, experienced a significant drop on Wednesday, with a daily score of $920,000. With a total of $64.3 million after 13 days, it now sits in third place. Despite the competition posed by new releases of Chinese titles, “Fast X” is projected to continue its success and achieve a lifetime total of RMB728 million (USD 104 million) in China. It’s important to note that early estimates are subject to revision.

Predictions and Relevance

This year, Hollywood movies have faced challenges in reclaiming their past popularity in the Middle Kingdom, apart from a consumption surge experienced by “Avatar: The Way of Water” between late December and mid-January. Stringent regulations on Hollywood imports and strict anti-COVID measures in 2022 resulted in a market decline not seen in a decade. However, previous films in the “Fast” franchise gained momentum in China much more rapidly. For instance, “Fast 7” earned RMB346 million (USD 49.4 million) on its opening day in 2015, while “Fast 8” achieved RMB417 million (USD 59.6 million) on its opening day in 2018.

Fan Reactions and Ratings

As expected, “Fast X” has elicited various responses from fans and critics alike. On ticketing platforms like Maoyan and Taopiaopiao, the film has garnered a user rating of 9.0 out of 10, demonstrating the enthusiasm of its core audience. However, on a more high-brow film review website, the movie received a more average score of 6.9, indicating mixed critical reception.

International Openings

The success of “Fast X” extends beyond China’s borders. In Mexico, the movie earned an estimated $2.1 million from previews, in line with the opening Wednesday results of “F9” and achieving the most significant preview result of the year, surpassing “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” by 55%.

In France, “Fast X” secured the second-largest opening day of 2023, grossing $1.8 million from 813 screens. This result was only surpassed by “The Super Mario Bros. Movie.” Similarly, the movie’s first-day performance in Germany, with $1.5 million, exceeded that of “F9” by 88%.

Indonesia witnessed a phenomenal opening day for “Fast X,” earning $1.4 million, setting multiple records. The film achieved the biggest opening day for a non-superhero film, the most important opening day for the franchise, and the highest opening day for any Universal film.

‘Fast X’ Sets New Records Worldwide

“Fast X” is set to release in 84 overseas markets this weekend, and its solid international openings bode well for its global success.

“Fast X” roared into Chinese movie theaters with an impressive midweek opening, captivating over two million moviegoers who collectively contributed $15.3 million on its first day. With its exhilarating start, the film is on track to become the top-grossing Hollywood release in China this year. The movie’s global performance and strong international openings suggest a promising future for the “Fast & Furious” franchise.

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Fast X earned $18.2 million on its first official day of release in China. According to estimates by Maoyan, “Fast X” is expected to reach a lifetime total of RMB728 million (USD 104 million) in China. Previous “Fast” movies had stronger opening day performances in China compared to “Fast X,” with films like “Fast 7” and “Fast 8” achieving higher box office earnings on their respective opening days. “Fast X” achieved impressive results in various international markets, including Mexico, France, Germany, and Indonesia. It broke records and achieved significant milestones, surpassing previous films in the franchise and setting new standards for non-superhero and Universal films.

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