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Violence Strikes Hollywood Beach: Nine Victims Injured in Mass Shooting

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In response to reports of a mass shooting incident, the police in Hollywood Beach, Florida, swiftly took action on Monday afternoon (local time). According to a report from CBS, multiple individuals, including three minors, were shot, injuring nine people.

The report revealed that the victims were immediately transported to nearby hospitals. The authorities apprehended one person, while another involved in the shooting remained large. The incident took place in the 1200 block of N. Boardwalk.

Hollywood Beach

Following the incident, the victims were taken to Memorial Regional Hospital and Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital for medical attention. As shown in the CBS report, aerial footage captured by helicopters depicted the arrival of numerous police cruisers, a crime scene van, and fire-rescue trucks at the location.

A live camera in the vicinity, which shared footage on social media, captured scenes of people fleeing the area in a state of panic.

To facilitate the investigation, the police officers closed a roadway and established a perimeter around the crime scene. They have also advised the public to avoid the Hollywood Beach area from Johnson to Garfield Street, including the popular Hollywood Beach Broadwalk.

Hollywood Beach, situated approximately 17 kilometers south of Fort Lauderdale and 32 kilometers north of Miami, is a well-known beach destination. Due to the Memorial Day holiday, more visitors were expected to frequent the beach.

Tragedy Strikes Hollywood Beach

In response to the incident, Hollywood Mayor Josh Levy expressed gratitude to the individuals who promptly responded to help the victims, including good Samaritans, paramedics, police officers, and emergency room medical staff, as stated in a CBS report.

Officials who spoke with CBS News revealed that the shooting originated from a dispute between two groups, which escalated into gunfire. Several victims were transported to Memorial Regional Hospital and Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital.

Witnesses at the scene recounted their experiences to CBS News Miami’s Chelsea Jones. Visiting from Philadelphia, Vance Hendricks witnessed a young man with a gunshot wound being tended to while a distraught woman appeared to have a leg injury. David Van Dyck also heard gunshots and observed a crowd running, followed by additional shots further down the street.

Nine Individuals Shot in Disturbing Incident

Aerial footage from Chopper 4 displayed multiple police cruisers, unmarked vehicles, a crime scene van, and several fire-rescue trucks in the vicinity.

As reported by CBS News Miami, authorities have closed at least one roadway, and a significant perimeter has been established. Hollywood police are urging the public to steer clear of the Hollywood Beach area, spanning from Johnson to Garfield Street, and the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk until the investigation is concluded.

A reunification area has been set up at Johnson St. and N. Ocean bus loop to facilitate the reunification of affected individuals with their families.

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Individuals must avoid the area near the shooting site in Hollywood Beach, as emphasized by the local police department. In a tweet, the department urged people to stay away from the Johnson to Garfield Streets area and the Broadwalk due to the ongoing investigation. They also provided information about a designated reunification area at Johnson St. and N. Ocean bus loop for those seeking to reconnect with family members.

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