How Alabama beat Texas A&M and remains undefeated in SEC play


Alabama takes on Texas A&M in College Station.

Kennington Smith and Sports Academy Rugby Staff

Tim Warner/

Alabama beats Texas A&M 26-20

Texas A&M had six sacks, blocked three passes and intercepted one. But in addition to the Aggies’ defense, the Crimson Tide also kept pace with them.

Jalen Milroe has moments that make you question him and moments of amazing quarterback play. Ultimately, he and the Alabama offense won the game through free throws (14), poor rushing performance and his own turnovers. That was perhaps best demonstrated in the performance of Jermaine Burton, who was simultaneously the offensive hero with two touchdowns and more plays while also providing opportunities for Texas A&M receivers to fumble. .

What a fight, what a game. But inevitably, the tide is coming.

Alabama leads 26-20 late in the fourth quarter

Texas A&M fielded a field goal with just over two minutes left and then attempted an onsides drive but was unable to recover.

Texas A&M’s defensive line has been tough all game, and now it’s up to them to perform. Can they hold off the tide and allow the Aggies offense to make a last-ditch effort to win the game?

Alabama extended its lead to 26-17 in the fourth quarter

I said before the game that the key to Texas A&M’s victory was Max Johnson being able to play four solid quarters. He didn’t have much time, and more credit should be attributed to Alabama’s defensive line than Johnson. However, securing the end zone via an intentional ground penalty could have been a tiring moment for the Aggies, who trailed by two points less than six minutes into the fourth quarter.

Of course, the safety meant Alabama got the ball back again and had a chance to end the game.

Alabama’s Chris Braswell had a great performance

Just when you think Alabama is on their heels, they turn the tables. Chris Braswell’s big play stops Aggies after Jermaine Burton’s errant catch gives Texas A&M the ball back The Aggies turned turnovers into points. Although his kick return was canceled due to a Dallas Turner penalty, it still prevented A&M from getting close to a touchdown and gave the ball back to Jalen Milroe and company.

A&M had to stop here because the nine minutes flew by quickly.

Jermaine Burton puts Crimson Tide offense on his shoulders in second half

Alabama scored two touchdowns in the third quarter, both on passes to Burton. He averaged over 23 yards per catch and seemed elusive, at least for Texas A&M’s Josh DeBerry.

In a six-play, 80-yard drive, Burton accounted for 65 of those yards receiving. Bama 24, Texas A&M 17.

We tied at 17

Jalen Milroe hit a dime to Jermaine Burton to tie the game in College Station. It was so weird watching Milro play. At times it felt like Alabama couldn’t move the ball because it had quarterback issues. At times, Milroe gets into dirty pockets and throws perfect passes down the stretch. Which Milo will we get for the rest of this game?

Power transfer gameplay

If Alabama gets back to winning, Caleb Downs’ interception might be viewed as a turning point. Huge, huge performance to bring momentum back to Alabama after Milrow’s draft pick.

prosperity is coming

Sometimes, there are clicks that make you automatically say the word “prosperity.” That’s the kind of wood Edgerrin Cooper used on Jalen Milroe when he got around the left side of the Alabama offensive line and escaped unscathed, allowing the Crimson Tide four points Wei was caught off guard. Alabama had led all the way down the field before, but now they were faced with second-and-19 and a touchdown.

Halftime: Texas A&M 17, Alabama 10

In the first quarter of the second quarter, Alabama led 10-3. Here’s how the rest of the season looks like:

– Texas A&M: 16 carries, 106 yards, 14 points

– Tide: 11 carries, 7 yards, 0 points

Five penalties and three sacks allowed in the quarter didn’t help Alabama’s cause. Texas A&M entered halftime with momentum.

If you don’t succeed at first, try again

Texas A&M couldn’t create much in the running game, but after a nice third-base conversion from Max Johnson to Anias Smith, the Aggies Running back Le’Veon Moss needed just one yard. He got the ball and rushed for a touchdown to give the Aggies the lead with less than three and a half minutes left in the second quarter.

Max Johnson continues to step up in the face of pressure from the Alabama defensive line. Texas A&M 17, Alabama 10.

Alabama could suffer significant damage

Defensive back Malachi Moore is currently sidelined with a right leg injury. When he came off the court, he couldn’t bear any weight. Meanwhile, Louisiana transfer Trey Amos started at cornerback and Terrion Arnold transferred to the Stars to replace Moore.

Texas A&M responds with rushing touchdown

I said in my pregame predictions that special teams were going to swing the game, and it turned out in Texas A&M’s favor: Receiver Ainias Smith 46-yard punt return, next play: Max Johnson (Max Johnson) 22-yard touchdown pass to brother Jake Johnson. With 9 minutes and 57 seconds left in the second quarter, the score was 10-10.

Alabama punter James Burnip, who appeared to be injured on a punt, was heading to the locker room as true freshman kicker Conor Talty warmed up on the sideline

Aeneas Smith is incredible.

On a play that looked like he was courting disaster, he recovered his fumble and turned it into a huge return that took it 46 yards and put A&M in the red zone.

On the next play, Max Johnson threw a touchdown pass to Aggie tight end Jake Johnson, another sibling connection. The score remained tied at 10-10 in the second quarter.

Ajith missed opportunity

A 34-yard reception from Max Johnson to Anias Smith got the Aggie drive off to a fast start, but the Alabama defense struggled. The Tide got a running play from Le’Veon Moss, got a sack, then rushed Max Johnson out of the pocket, forcing a 3rd-and-13 A tough pitch was thrown, but the pitch was incomplete. Alabama got the ball back and had a chance to turn this game into a two-possession game.

Alabama leads 10-3 after 52-yard touchdown run

First play of the second quarter: Isaiah Bond completes a nice double run and no one in the Aggies’ secondary catches him, Jalen Milroe ) knocked him open for a 52-yard touchdown. The running game didn’t come early, but Milroe has used his arm to complete a few passes — passes of 21, 45 and 52 yards.

Alabama led 10-3 with 14:51 left in the second quarter.

Alabama and Texas A&M were tied 3-3 at the end of the first quarter

Alabama’s defense kept the pressure on, and they did a good job of bending the ball but not scoring on drives. On offense, Jermaine Burton had a great return and made a couple of long catches. The running game has been nonexistent for the Tide so far against the Texas A&M front, and this could be a game Jalen Milroe has to win with his arm.

A&M jumps to No. 1 early

Texas A&M’s Randy Bond broke Alabama’s Will Reichardt’s record for most field goals this season with his 12th goal to put TAMU within three with 5:34 left in the first quarter. -0 ahead of Alabama. The Aggies have outscored the Crimson Tide 95-1 so far.

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