How fast is Kelvin Kiptum’s men’s marathon world record? 2023 Chicago Marathon pace distribution and split times


How fast does Kelvin Kiptum’s world record compare to Eliud Kipchoge’s Berlin Marathon run?

In the 2023 Chicago Marathon, Kiptum’s average pace will be around 2:51 min/km Compared to Kipchoge’s speed 2:52 min/km Berlin Marathon 2022.

He started the race with the first five kilometers 14:2612 seconds slower than what Kipchoge ran at the same point in the Berlin race (14:14).

Kipchoge passes the 10km mark in time 28:23which compares favorably with Kiptum’s own time 28:42.At 20 kilometers, Kipchoge used 56:45 from Kiptum 57:39.

However, despite his short career to date, Kiptum has become known for his ability to post negative points, running faster in the second half of a marathon than in the first.

By kilometer 30, Kiptum’s time started to separate from Kipchoge’s as he completed the previous separation 14:27 Compared to former marathon world record holders 14:32.

But what happened next really set the tone for this new world record.

A five-kilometer stretch of road 13:51 Although on a different track, between 30 kilometers and 35 kilometers, he was a full 39 seconds faster than Kipchoge on the same stage. Another quick split followed and Kiptum reached the 40th kilometer with a 5km split. 14:01.What Kipchoge also split was 14:43.

Kiptum used a final burst of energy to finish the race with a time of 2.195 kilometers. 6:12four seconds faster than Kipchoge’s equivalent.

Ultimately, while consistency was the key to Kipchoge’s 2022 world record, it was the ability to run faster than ever before in the final stages of the Chicago Marathon that proved key to Kiptum’s incredible world record.

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