Ice builds up on bridges and overpasses in Houston, making it extremely cold and dangerous


Threats Tonight – Icing on Bridges and Overpasses:

Our weather will have a major impact today into Wednesday morning. We’ll start to see the cold weather moving through the area throughout much of the day weaken tonight, but temperatures won’t stay above freezing throughout. This will compound the problem tonight as icy bridges and overpasses will remain icy through the night.

Ice likely in Southeast Texas today (Copyright 2023 KPRC Click2Houston – All Rights Reserved.)
Tonight’s threat – dangerous wind chills:

Second, the wind chill in our northern cities this morning will range from 5°-10°. The rest of the Southeast will fall within this range late tonight into midday Tuesday. A wind chill warning is in effect when it feels like the temperature is below 0°. We didn’t expect it to be so cold.

Tuesday morning wind chill (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea 2023)
Threats Tuesday and Wednesday morning:

A severe ice warning is in effect from midnight into Wednesday morning. Temperatures fell below 24° on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Sensitive plants may not survive if not covered or put in shelter.

Wednesday midnight to 9 a.m. (Copyright 2023 KPRC Click2Houston – All Rights Reserved.)
Tuesday morning temperature (China in 2023)
10-day forecast:

Wednesday afternoon we were out of the 30s. We are tracking another cold front on Friday. This will bring even colder temperatures next weekend, but they won’t be as severe as now. The coming week will be warmer, but it does look like the storms will continue early in the week.

10 day forecast (KPRC2 2023)

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