Is HC Dan Campbell concerned about the Detroit Lions’ secondary depth after CB Emmanuel Moseley’s injury?


What does it mean to win with creativity, fun, and resilience and physical strength?

Campbell wants a tough, gritty, physical football team, and that’s the identity the Lions have established through five games, but they’re also a fun and creative team.

Reverse flea-flicker touchdowns, dunks directly between the quarterback’s legs and sustained fourth downs are all interesting elements of the team’s offense. Defensively, this is a team that gets after the quarterback and produces takeaways.

Detroit began to gain a reputation as a fun team for fans across the country to watch.

“For our guys, they’re used to it,” Campbell said. “This is who we are. They understand this is part of who we are.

“In my opinion, we will always be known as a tough team. We should be a tough, physical team on offense, defense and special teams. But if you’re just tough and physical, And without creativity, you’re not going to do anything with it.”

The creativity part of it gives the team some advantages, Campbell said. He pointed to San Francisco as a perfect example of one of the NFL teams that, under head coach Kyle Shanahan, plays physical football but is also creative and innovative, especially It’s the offense in the run and passing game.

Campbell wants to be known as a football team with similar physicality and creativity on both sides of the ball.

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