John Cena wins and 5 smart booking decisions


WWE hopes to continue its popular pay-per-view momentum with Fastlane 2023, a major event that will feature the return of John Cena to the ring as he teams up with LA Knight to take on The Bloodline.

It’s already been a great year for WWE pay-per-view, with last month’s Payback event setting multiple records, including the show’s highest live attendance, merchandise sales and overall viewership. In August, SummerSlam did the same thing and even set the highest bar for a non-WrestleMania show in WWE history.

In other words, Fastlane has big shoes to fill. Seth Rollins vs. Shinsuke Nakamura for World Heavyweight Championship, while unlikely pairing of Cody Rhodes and Jey Usos challenge trial It shouldn’t be difficult to compete for the undisputed tag team championship on The Judgment Day.

WWE proved in 2023 that it can consistently deliver elite-level PPVs, and through these smart booking decisions, WWE Fastlane 2023 will follow suit.

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Seth Rollins wins, but Shinsuke Nakamura looks strong in defeat

Seth Rollins, arguably Raw’s top star, doesn’t deserve to lose the Universal Championship just yet, but newly minted man Shinsuke Nakamura – whose performance in the role has convinced him One cannot believe it – nor should one lose it in a convincing way.

Nakamura is positioned as one of the red brand’s best villains in this competition, and while his career hasn’t reached the stage where he should be a world champion, his emergence from Fastlane as a credible main eventer has also It is imperative. In a “Last Man Standing” match, it’s a little difficult for a star to look strong after the 10-second count to the ground.

However, if Nakamura can withstand multiple stomps, bloodsheds, or other big moves before losing, he can come out of what was supposed to be a feud ending looking as good as he entered it.

WWE avoids another Charlotte Talent Championship win

one look These statistics The show revealed that WWE frequently gave Charlotte Flair the title primarily so she could overturn her father’s record of 16 World Championship reigns. It’s really annoying, though, to see Flair keep getting sucked into title fights because – either pro or con – she doesn’t have any character development other than wanting to win the title.

At Fastlane, Flair was competing in a triple threat match for the WWE Women’s Championship. This effectively reaffirms that she’ll do one of two things: either win the title or avoid being pinned so that she’s protected in the event of a loss. This was a tried and true formula for booking Flair, who was put under far more pressure than her opponents Asuka and Iyo Sky.

It’s clear from the booking of these three stars that although Sky is currently the champion, she’s the lowest on the totem pole, but her performance as champion has been refreshing. Skye shouldn’t have lost the belt yet, and certainly not to Flair. After all, the last thing Flair (or SmackDown) needs is another short and forgettable title run.

Bobby Lashley and Street Profits Dominate LWO

Bobby Lashley and The Street Profits are in the early stages of their alliance, but it’s clear they’re a good fit together. The Street Profits are in dire need of a fresh coat of paint, and as a two-time WWE Champion with great credibility, Lashley is the perfect star to give them a much-needed makeover.

This combination – whatever WWE chooses to call it – has huge potential, but as a brand new trio, it hasn’t had any signature wins. That should change at Fastlane, where Lashley, Montez Ford, and Angelo Dawkins battle the LWO, a hugely popular group led by the beloved Mysterio .

It’s time for Leslie and company to unleash their new evil side and continue to solidify themselves as a powerhouse trio on the same level as top bands like The Bloodline and The Judgment Day. This entails an uneven dismantling of Mysterio and LWO at Fastlane, which should be the start of the trio’s dominance.

Judgment Day retains vs. Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso

Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso have both been drafted into the company’s certified draw, and WWE is reportedly ready to push Uso over the moon now that he’s signed to Raw, but that As a singles star, not as a tag team star.

While it’s true that Rhodes and The Usos vs. Finn Balor and Damian Priest at Fastlane for the Undisputed Tag Team Championship, these two babyface stars are too important to Raw’s singles scene , unable to stay in the doubles division for a long time. Instead, this match should be a way to further solidify Judgment Day as Raw’s top show.

It’s shocking how well Roode and Uso got along considering their history, so a simple miscommunication cost them this match. Coupled with dirty, mean heel tactics from Priest or Baylor, Roode and Uso were pretty good despite losing.

John Cena’s team wins, but Los Angeles Cavaliers beat Jimmy Uso

WWE is wise to use John Cena to help promote LA Knight, a fast-rising star who has become WWE’s No. 1 merchandise seller and is reportedly expected to make a major push

Cena’s long-term future is unclear and this could be the last of his storied career. WWE has to take advantage of this, which means he and Knight should undoubtedly beat Jimmy Uso and Zolo Sikoia at Fastlane. Cena shouldn’t have to lose such a big match after losing to Austin Theory at WrestleMania, and two hot stars like Sikoia and Knight shouldn’t have to be tied down.

So, what are the best results from Fastlane? Well, it was Knight who pinned Jimmy, and Jimmy will be able to easily recover from his loss to Knight while Knight improves his card. This match should headline Fastlane, with Knight and Cena holding their heads high, and perhaps there will be a singles match between these two fan favorites someday in the near future.

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