Justin Fields: It feels good when hard work pays off


The Bears got off to a strong start Thursday night in Washington, but their 24-point lead had been cut to 10 in the fourth quarter, and no one could be criticized for feeling like a repeat of last week’s loss to the Broncos. It is possible.

Chicago blew a 21-point lead in that game but wouldn’t repeat that mistake this time. Justin Fields threw a short pass to DJ Moore on third down, and cornerback Kendall Fuller jumped to intercept the attempt. The ball eluded Fuller and Moore turned it into a 56-yard touchdown.

It was Moore’s third touchdown catch of the night and Fields’ fourth touchdown pass of the night. After the game, the quarterback said that the game was a “relief” for the team after a 14-game losing streak. The victory was the result of the hard work of everyone on the team during a difficult period.

“It just feels good. It feels good to see all the hard work pay off, especially getting the dub after everything that’s happened this year,” Fields said. “Everything in the media. It’s all out there. It feels good when you can say the hard work paid off, so again I’m proud of everyone in the building. I love everyone on my team. Players, Coach, shooting, everybody upstairs. I may not know them, but I love you guys. Like I said before, this feeling is one you never want to end and we have to keep this momentum going for next week Minnesota is ready.”

The Bears traded Moore because they thought he could help the team improve their offense beyond last year’s level. Thursday night was an extreme example, but it could provide a blueprint for teams as they try to make sure the wait won’t be that long for their next win.

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