Keira Nicole: Everything about Travis Kelce’s ex-girlfriend


In recent weeks, keira nicole past relationships vs. kansas city chiefs tight end Travis Kelce causing some drama for this live sports reporter Recently forced to share an open letter on social media On overcoming “backlash and embarrassment” to quell self-doubt.

Keira, 31, and Travis, 34, sparked a romance in 2017 and continued to date until 2022, despite a brief hiatus in 2020. Now, more than a year after their split, their past romance has been thrust into the spotlight.

The latest drama began when Kayla unfriended Travis’ teammate, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, and Patrick’s wife, Brittany Mahomes, with whom she was previously close friends, bonded over their relationship with Travis.

So who exactly is Keira Nicole? ET is investigating the sports broadcaster and how her past relationship with the NFL star unfolded.

Kayla has been passionate about sports and television since college. Kayla on Instagram in 2018 Sharing her experience and detailing her educational background, she explained, “I have a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism (Pepperdine University) and hosting is where my heart is.”

With her heart set on a career in hosting and broadcasting, Kayla entered the world with her degree and found work in her field, working for , Barstool Sports and more. She has worked as a sideline reporter for the NFL and has covered the sidelines of NBA games throughout her career – all on top of her work as a model and influencer.

Her romance with Travis began in 2017 when the NFL star started messaging her on Instagram. In March 2022, Kayla participated in an Instagram Q&A and revealed how the two originally crossed paths.

“He has been stalking me and flirting on Instagram for months. All double clicks, no DMs.” Kayla shared. “After gaining a little courage… I sent him a private message on New Year’s Day.”

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Their romance lasted until 2020, when fans noticed that Keira had deleted all photos of Travis from her Instagram. Travis later confirmed that they had broken up, but strongly denied rumors that the breakup was because he cheated on her. Travis wrote in a since-deleted tweet, “This is fake news…a lie…not the reason Kayla and I broke up…please take all your hate elsewhere.”

The couple didn’t stay apart for long and soon rekindled their relationship, which remained strong until May 2022, when they finally called it off for good.

However, the relationship between the two became the focus of people’s attention again as their relationship came to light. Travis’ new relationship attracts attention and Keira decides to address unwanted negative attention in four-minute video She announced the news on Instagram on October 9.

Kayla shared an open letter titled “Dear Black Girl” to her more than 724,000 followers.

“Dear black girl, they may call you a traitor for falling in love. You will hope that the people closest to you will protect you, but you will soon find out that people will not protect what they do not value,” she said Go directly to the camera. “They will tell you that you are too much, too defiant, too loud, too outspoken. All the while telling you that you are not enough. Not successful enough, not healthy enough, maybe not even smart enough. They will say you deserve backlash and embarrassment because of you. Being black, you should know better. They will even try to tie your worth to your net worth.”

She also added, “You don’t have to be a part of this tumultuous, often one-sided journey. Even as they try to quantify your character and best limit your boundaries, you don’t have to be a part of it, keep your heart. You don’t have to be. Respond because there is power in your silence. You can silence the noise and self-doubt with that same power.”

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