Lakers’ Davon Hamm wants Anthony Davis to shoot more 3-pointers


In two preseason games with the Lakers, his outside touch has been noticeably better than at any point last season, and the basketball leaving Anthony Davis’ hands suggests he has regained confidence in his three-point shot.

While the sample size is small, it’s encouraging for the Lakers to see Davis shooting without fear.

He made three of six three-pointers in two preseason games, and his overall shooting rate was as high as 58%. Just as important, Davis shot 83.3% from the free throw line.

Coach Davenham said “his confidence” allowed Davis to shoot 3-pointers freely.

“That’s something he’s been working on – becoming a more consistent shooter, not only more consistent in his zone but more consistent from long range,” Hamm said after Tuesday’s practice. “And without hesitation. Without overthinking. So if he’s good-looking, we all encourage him to put it out.

“I told him I wanted him if he could – and I know he wouldn’t do it, but maybe he’d shock me – but I asked to see six three-pointers per game. At least every half. Field three. I wouldn’t put this on him if I didn’t think he was capable. He’s very capable and I just think once he adjusts his mind to focus, he’ll do it. On all the other The most important thing is the great things he did.”

Davis’ performance from beyond the three-point line last season was somewhat worrying, with a disastrous 25.7% shooting rate. This poor shooting seemed to even trickle down to his free throw shooting, which was 78.4%. Davis still shot 56.3% from the field and averaged 25.9 points and 12.5 rebounds per game.

Throughout the summer, Davis worked on improving his shooting ability. It’s still early in the preseason, but Davis is already looking better.

I just think he’s focused and refuses to be stopped, which gives everyone around him confidence,” Hamm said. “He makes the game easier because he can score from all three levels. He’s a great playmaker who has the ball in his hands and gets his teammates to put it into really good positions for them to be successful. . And his defensive ability, that gives him confidence. Everybody in this gym has confidence in him. He’s the heart of this team.”

Davis will return Wednesday night when the Lakers take on the Sacramento Kings at Honda Center in Anaheim.

He will be without LeBron James, who Hamm said “will be out,” and likely without Cam Reddish (sore right ankle) and Jared Vanderbilt (sore left heel), who Hamm said “Day by day” and the Lakers “will evaluate it and see what makes sense.”

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