Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson Becomes Highest-Paid Player in NFL History with $260 Million Deal

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Lamar Jackson Draft and Career

Lamar Jackson, the star quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens, has made history by becoming the highest-paid player in NFL history with a five-year deal worth $260 million. The contract includes a staggering $185 million in guaranteed money, making it one of the most lucrative deals in sports history. The announcement comes just hours before the first round of the NFL draft 2023, and it’s likely that this news will overshadow any other headlines coming out of Baltimore.

The Five-Year Deal: Breakdown and Guaranteed Money

Jackson’s contract negotiation saga has been dominating the team’s offseason, but it has finally come to a close with this deal. The Ravens had put the franchise tag on Jackson last month, but they always expressed confidence that they could keep him. Jackson’s new deal ensures that he will be in Baltimore for the foreseeable future.

Lamar Jackson

Jackson’s Future with the Ravens

This announcement is a huge milestone for Jackson, who fell to the end of the first round in the draft five years ago. He was the 32nd pick and the fifth quarterback chosen, and he has since become one of the most talented and exciting players in the league.

Impact on the Ravens and the NFL

Jackson’s new deal brings to a close one of the biggest stories of the NFL offseason. The Ravens can now look forward to having their star quarterback in the lineup for the first game of the season, without any drama about whether he’ll report to camp. Jackson’s contract negotiation had the potential to be a distraction for the team, but now that it’s over, they can focus on the season ahead.

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