Lenny Kravitz gets naked in sexy new ‘TK421’ music video


Lenny Kravitz brings it all to life in his latest music video—literally.

The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter gets completely naked in the steamy visual treatment for his new song “TK421.” The photos circulating online feature Kravitz’s braids, giving viewers a glimpse into his music-filled morning routine.

The “Fly Away” singer was caught on camera lying on his bed before dancing in his boudoir, smoking, brushing his teeth and taking a foam shower in the sunlit bathroom. To show his true rock star charm, he also wore designer sunglasses throughout.

In the song, Kravitz sings: “All aboard, it’s time to face your fears/The dialogue in your head/You can tell me how it really makes you feel/I’ll ​​promise you it’s gonna be okay/ Come on baby, get 421 (421) / Can you feel it, my TK421 / Watch out baby, try 421 (421) / So much better with my TK421.”

According to , the song’s title is apparently a nod to Star Wars, which is the name of the Death Star stormtroopers. A press release noted how “subtle nods” to “Boogie Nights” and “Star Wars” fueled the fast-paced development.

However, the entire video is not NSFW. The New York City-born rocker also wore a fitted shirt, leather pants and leather jacket, accessorized with jewelry. Of course, he also plays guitar.

The single appears on Kravitz’s 12th studio album, Blue Electric Light, which was recorded at his studio in the Bahamas. The upcoming effort, his first album in five years and first-ever double LP, is set for release on March 15, 2024.

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