Lenny Kravitz takes it all in the sizzling music video for new single “TK421”


October 13, 2023 14:32

Lenny Kravitz shows it all in his new music video for “TK421.”

Photo credit: Roxie Records/BMG

Lenny Kravitz is almost 60 years old. Yes, 60.

But he has a physique half his age, something the 59-year-old rock star is clearly happy to show off. Why shouldn’t he?

That’s all the marketing he needs, Lenny Kravitz has unveiled a new music video for his latest single “TK421.”

The Prince-inspired funk-rock track showcases Lenny at his most hedonistic, as he sings: “Everybody on board is taking it to the stratosphere / The congregation is still alive / All I ask is that you break the seal / So We can dance our way to God.”

To match the lyrical sensuality, the “Fly Away” rocker created a music video to go with it as he writhes around his home nearly naked.

Kravitz wakes up in bed with his butt completely exposed, rolls over, and spends the rest of the film frolicking or wearing his signature leather pants.

His fans won’t object – he’s in great shape, so he might as well show it off, right?

Lenny Kravitz – TK421 (Official Video)

The song’s title is a double reference to both Star Wars and the 1997 disco-era drama starring Burt Reynolds Boogie Nights.

“TK-421” is the codename of a stormtrooper in the first film in 1977 Star Wars movie, and there is a stereo reference using the same name Boogie Nights.

He’s aiming for stardom with one of the funkiest songs he’s released recently.

This is the first song from Kravitz’s upcoming album, blue lightset to be released on March 15, 2024 via Roxie Records/BMG.

Lenny shows off his enviable physique in his new music video.

Photo credit: Roxie Records/BMG

“TK421” is the first single from Lenny Kravitz’s upcoming new album Blue Electric Light.

Photo credit: Roxie Records/BMG

It’s his first album in five years since its 2018 release Raise vibrationwhich will be his first double album release.

In between albums, Lenny published his memoir let love rule In 2020, covering his life until the release of his self-titled debut album in 1989. Another book is being written that will cover his life.

At that time he told rolling stones Magazine said of his reasons for revealing his life in the memoir: “Well, I never wanted to write the book. I didn’t think my life was that interesting.”

“(But) I’m glad I did it because writing this book was the best form of therapy I could have had,” he continued.

“This is a story about me finding my voice, and I didn’t want it to be about stardom or fame. The second book will be a harder book to write.”

“Things get intense, but I think (writing) it will provide the same level of healing (and) a lot of people will be healed.”

The American rocker has also recently dabbled in TikTok, opening a new account while riffing on a now-iconic (and oft-imitated) photo of him wearing a large scarf from 2012.

“Bring on your big scarf, it’s the first day of fall,” Kravitz joked as he walked toward the camera in one of his first posts on the social media phenomenon.

More than a decade ago, paparazzi photographed Kravitz innocently running errands wearing a large scarf, which itself became an internet sensation.

It’s a gift that keeps on giving, and now Lenny is in on the joke. However, his impressive physique is on display in his steamy new music video, and it’s certainly no joke.

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