Loki Season 2 Episode 1 Ending Scene Explained


The following story contains some spoilers Loki Season 2, Episode 1, “Ouroboros.”

more later Compare It’s been two years and we’re back! Loki Season 2 was a huge success on Disney+, bringing much-needed fireworks, excitement, and visually pleasing storytelling to the MCU. secret invasion Landing with a sort of whimper earlier this year.

While the main storyline of season two picks up right where things left off – with Loki (Tom Hiddleston) at TVA headquarters, dealing with the fallout of his encounter with the Remnants – there’s one important thread that’s been largely missing Attention: Sylvie (Sofia Di Martino). Loki’s female variant (and love interest?!?) only appears the briefest of times in this episode, when we see a time-lapse Loki see her in the future, see her in a TVA elevator, and then He was cut off the plane. exist. Meanwhile, Morbius (Owen Wilson) uses some massive bizarre contraptions and the science of time travel (with the help of Kai-Hui Kwan’s Ouroboros (OB)) to pull Loki out of the time-travel chaos.

But what’s the catch in all this? Loki and Morbius need to track down Sylvie, wherever she is. Unfortunately, as the end of the episode makes clear… they’re not the only ones with this goal, as Hunter B-15 (Wunmi Mosaku) sees a large number of TVA soldiers being sent through the TempPad portal to track down Sylvie.

While it probably doesn’t do much for our heroes, the post-credits scene gives us an idea of ​​exactly where Sylvie is hiding, and where Loki and Morbius may have to go to find her.

Are there any ending credits in it? Loki Season 2 Episode 1?

have!This is a good one – it gives us a strong moment about Sylvie, based on the character Loki She was developed in season one and laid the foundation for her storyline in season two.

Why is Sylvie at McDonald’s in 1982 Oklahoma?

Marvel Studios

To understand this, we first need to remember the basic crux of Sylvie’s character: Loki Season 1: She was kidnapped by TVA as a child and taken from her own timeline, only to escape and spend her life on the run – hiding in a pre-apocalyptic time/place. So while the last time we saw her she was slamming a dagger into the chests of survivors, opening up an infinite number of branching timelines and possibly a massively expanded multiverse, she now feels a sense of urgency from To have the freedom she had gained in her life. Been on the run all these years.

so we are Loki Season 2, Episode 1 is set in 1982 Broxton, Oklahoma (a real place that was actually the filming location for Marvel Comics’ Thor: New Asgard!), walking Enter a McDonald’s restaurant filled with delicious 1980s glory. Oklahoma was also a possible “doomsday” site in 1982 – with numerous documented instances of highly dangerous tornadoes.

She walked in, confused, not sure what a McDonald’s was or how she started trading in a place like this.She orders food with a guy at the restaurant counter: “Not a squirrel, not an opossum, not a rat. Something dead, without a face.” This is especially interesting if you think back to the original Thor In the movie, Thor also doesn’t know how to conduct himself in a restaurant (throwing his coffee cup on the floor as a compliment and asking for more).

When Sylvie started looking around the restaurant, the McDonald’s staff member replied that he recommended the “new” McChicken (in fact, they were introduced in 1981 and sold worldwide in 1983) and approx. 10 other things.

Sylvie, fresh from the life she had only recently learned about, looked around the McDonald’s. She saw a couple, presumably romantically involved. She saw a group of teenagers sitting around talking nonsense like teenagers. She saw all these life experiences that she hadn’t experienced, and her first thought was, “I want to try everything.”

The McDonald’s guys might get a pretty pricey order, but it’s clear that Sylvie’s talking about more than just fast food. While we’re glad she’s getting a taste of the life stolen by powers well above her pay grade, it’s also likely to continue to mess up a lot of things in the Marvel Universe.When Rocky and Morbius catch up with Sylvie in Oklahoma LokiThe fireworks will really begin in Season 2.

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