Lower Hudson River schools step up security amid Hamas social media threats


Friday the 13th is here, and suburban schools are feeling jittery at the end of a short but anxious week of instruction.

After the war between Israel and Hamas broke out, social media was awash with threats and rumors. An apparent threat made by Hamas on social media calling for jihad around the world today has been investigated but has not been confirmed by the FBI and local law enforcement but has prompted some local school districts to increase police force.

The FBI released a public service announcement on Tuesday titled “The Situation in Israel.”

“While we continue to collect and analyze intelligence from a variety of sources, we currently do not have specific intelligence to reflect plans for additional attacks against the United States in connection with the Israeli Hamas attacks beginning on October 7, 2023,” the report reads. , foreign terrorist organizations and their supporters remain committed to attacking the United States inside and outside the United States. “

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