Mike Lindell’s attorneys in Dominion lawsuit seek to drop millions of dollars in unpaid attorney fees


Lawyers representing conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell and his company MyPillow in defamation lawsuits filed by Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic are asking to withdraw from both cases after Lindell allegedly defaulted on millions of dollars in legal fees. .

Parker Daniels Kibort of Minnesota said in court documents that neither Lindell nor MyPillow paid the company for work on the case and cannot pay future fees and costs.

“On October 2, 2023, (the law firm) was informed by the defendants that they would be unable to recover or pay the substantial amount owed and the estimated costs of continuing to defend against future litigation, including legal fees or litigation costs,” the filing say.

Lindell admitted in an interview with on Thursday that he had not paid his attorneys in the past two or three months, adding that he did not know who would represent him in the case. But Lindell was adamant that he would not settle with Dominion or Smartmatic, another election technology company that sued him for defamation.

“Not in a million years,” he said.

Dominion is an election technology company that has been the subject of debunked right-wing conspiracy theories about voting fraud in the 2020 election. In 2021, Dominion sued MyPillow and Lindell for $1.3 billion after the latter repeatedly accused Dominion of manipulating its machines to give Joe Biden victory. More than Donald Trump.

Smartmatic is also suing Lindell for defamation, accusing him of lying about the company’s role in the 2020 election for his own financial gain.

Lindell told that MyPillow, a prolific advertiser for right-wing cable channel Fox News, which also promotes false election conspiracy theories, began losing money after Dominion filed the lawsuit, leaving MyPillow unable to pay its legal bills today.

Lindell and MyPillow were informed Thursday of their lawyers’ intention to drop the case, a move they said they would not oppose and “understood the need to drop the case due to a lack of funds,” according to court documents.

The court must grant the attorneys’ motion to withdraw before they can formally drop Lindell and MyPillow as clients.

Dominion attorneys did not take a position when they filed the motion, according to court documents. Dominion and Smartmatic did not immediately respond to ‘s request for comment.

Speaking on Thursday at Steve Bannon’s “War Room” program, Lindell blamed his financial problems on “the attack on MyPillow,” which dealt a “devastating blow” to the company’s credit.

“I – can’t afford the lawyers. We can’t pay. There’s no money left to pay them,” he said. “I don’t know where this leaves us.”

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