Paul George talks relationship with Devin Booker


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Paul George spoke on the podcast with Bleacher Report’s Taylor Rooks about the current state of his relationship with Devin Booker after the two had a very eventful summer.

Background: George and Booker feuded earlier this offseason after Klay Thompson went on George’s podcast to talk about his antics during a game against the Suns early last season. Booker seemed angry that George singled him out during the question. After the podcast, the Suns star called out George on Instagram: “Is this the answer you’re looking for?”

George later said that Booker gave a “sorry** response” to the clip in the Twitch live broadcast.

This all happened after the Suns eliminated the Clippers in the first round of the playoffs, a series in which George missed the game due to injury.

Here’s what George said on the podcast:

“I don’t know where it turned,” George said. “When we played Phoenix, things got heated. The conversation sparked. It came from that end. Again, it comes down to the respect line, and me and Devin have always been good. When he came into the league, he was a Little brother, then all of a sudden, the temperature becomes the line that’s now passed. (He) crossed the line.

“As it is now, that’s what it is. But, to get away from it, it’s just me asking Clay, and obviously, it was at that moment that I forgot what question I asked him, but his answer was his answer. If You watch the Pod (actor), I would never want to do a clickbait thing or have someone say something that’s going to cause a problem.

“He answered the question from an honest standpoint. He, as another young guy in the game, making a name for himself, blazing a trail, paving the way, like Klay’s answer, whatever your answer is, that’s him The answer. Cool. I don’t want to pick or dig. I’d have something to say myself if that were the case. But then again, In that moment, he takes on the responsibility of being seen or heard. Cool. That’s it for now. It’s stuck. If it goes up, it’s stuck. “

The Suns’ first game against the Clippers isn’t until January 3, but you can imagine it won’t be a friendly matchup between the two stars.

Paul George appears to take another subtle jab at Devin Booker

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