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¿ What’s the best deal with 16.000 invitados? ¿ special? The evidence is this. Anoche, Bad Bunny lo hizo cuando estrenó su nuevo LP, Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana.

Puerto Rico’s Jose Miguel Agrelot celebrated at the iconic Coliseum in San Juan and announced his schedule for the event. ¿ Aparecería Bad Bunny? ¿ What’s the best way to make a difference? Nadie lo sabía. Aún así, las entradas se agotaron a las dos horas de salir a la venta.

But Bad Bunny does a great job. In the center of the arena, where fans revel in the Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Vintage Master, car fans descend at a slow pace in the video for “Where She Goes.” Greitasaurus fanatic. Bad bunny estaba al volante.

Rodeo is a great place to stay, all the costumes of the black people are different from the rostros cubiertos and algo parecidos in pasamontañas, and the ojos sellados in unlookable extraterrestrial style. Bad Bunny in Igual, cuadros sobre la cabeza with cabeza.

This album is the sonar and timekeeping of Nadie sabe. Come on, it’s an era of teenage music, from the 10th to the 30th, with five consecutive albums lasting longer and in Play continues on EP and sencillos. Bad Bunny has a great time with a celebrity and correspondent.

The great photos will continue. I didn’t see all of Jhoni Jackson.

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