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Real Madrid vs. Osasuna, results, resumes and matches: Bellingham Dobright and Merengue 4-0


Real Madrid Gano 4-0 Osasuna You will become a main player in La Liga.Debrett Jude Bellinghamthis is a gold Vinicius Yoterode Joseluin the penalty kick, Carlo Ancelotti’s three-pointer.

Madrid, who were better than Osasuna, hoped Osasuna could control the team and took control of the team in the first moment, finishing the merengue in 9 minutes. bellingham.

Madrid’s second match cannot be calmed down Bellingham, the absolute protagonist of 10 games in 10 games with a score of 2-0. Vinicius and Joselu made nine consecutive free throws under Real Madrid mayor Sergio Herrera.

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What was the result of the Real Madrid vs Osasuna match?Final Results

real Madrid134


  • RMA – J. Bellingham – Minutes. 9
  • RMA – J. Bellingham – Minutes. 54
  • RMA – Vinícius – minutes. 65
  • RMA – Joselu – Minutes. 70

Real Madrid vs Osasuna, live broadcast

ultimate party. Real Madrid 4-0 Osasuna, great performance. Mexican food is so easy to make and provides a classy primer.

Minutes 90. Bernabeu played another 3 minutes.

Minutes 83. Herrera tapa el penalti a Joselu y en el rebote evita el gol de Lucas Vázquez.

Minutes 82. Real Madrid penalty kick. Amonestado Chique Barja.

Minutes 80. Ultimos Cambio of Osasuna: Ibáñez, Raúl and Quique Barja enter the Campo with Seretirán R. Pena, Moncayola and Aimar.

Minutes 78. Real Madrid’s double Cambio: Lucas Vazquez and Brahim Sartan, Carvajal and Modric.

Minutes 77. Son of Lagro Pasa Carvajal.

Minutes 72. Cambios, Madrid. Ancelotti worked with Dani Ceballos and Rodrygo as well as Bellingham and Vinicius.

Minutes 71. Cambios and Osasuna. Rubén García and Budimir and Salen advanced together with Jose Arnaiz and Chimy Ávila.

70th minute. ¡ real Madrid! Joselu se anota en el marcador. El delantero defines Vinícius’ great abilities.

El gol de Joselu para el Real Madrid (Argentina disponible)

Minutes 66. Madrid Cambio: Toni Kroos plays for Camavinga.

65th minute. ¡ real Madrid! Vinícius deja en el camino a Herrera y Define con la portería vacía. Brazil escaped quickly with Valverde’s great pace.

El gol de Vinícius para el Real Madrid (Argentina disponible)

Minutes 59. Amonestado Tchouaméni por falta sobre Peña.

Minutes 58. Fuera remate de Vinícius, cayéndose, en la puerta del área.

Minutes 57. Kepa scored a brilliant counterattack at the Mandal corner in Pena Peña.

Minute 54. ¡ real Madrid! Bellingham, you are amazing. Valverde started the game in English with Herrera and defined the tunnel.

El segundo gol de Bellingham para el Real Madrid (Argentina)

Minutes 50. Apenas ancho pasa el remate de camavinga des la frontal.

Minutes 46. Zurdazo de Joselu que pasa muy cerca del poste izquierdo de Sergio Herrera.

2nd committee. Real Madrid and Osasuna take center stage in their second game at the Bernabeu.

final introduction time. Atletico Madrid defeated Atletico Madrid 1-0. Bellingham’s merengue rose quickly and made huge gains at the start, with Osasuna excelling in the rest of the game.

Minutes 45+1. Incredibly, Budimir was punished.

Minutes 45. The game at the Bernabeu was over in one minute.

Minutes 44. Joselu se lo pierde debajo de la portería cesión de Modrić.

Minutes 41. Derechazo de Moncayola de la frontal que se va muy cerca.

Minutes 39. Amonestado Rüdiger por falta sobre Torró.

Minutes 35. Osasuna wants to score against Real Madrid.

minutes 30. Disparo de Areso que se va por encima del travesaño.

Minutes 23. Lagro’s relationship with Vinicius.

Minutes 20. Madrid’s best minutes. Ancelotti is better equipped than Osasuna, he monopolizes possession of the ball and defense, and confronts the goalkeeper.

Minutes 15. At Osasuna he played in the central region with a Crusaders.

9th minute. ¡ real Madrid! Modrić stepped up to the plate for Camavinga and joined Dani Carvajal in assisting Bellingham and the Englishman’s Falla .

Real Madrid Bellingham Gold (Argentina)

Minute 6. The first stop in Madrid is the terminus in Josélu Center.

partisan. Guillermo Cuadra Fernández had a great time in the procession at the Santiago Bernabeu. Yes, Real Madrid and Osasuna.

Madrid, con tres cambios. Mendy, Modric and Joselu, as well as Nacho, Kroos and Rodrygo all performed well in the match against champions Napoli.

¡ Bienvenidos al Santiago Bernabéu! Real Madrid, La Liga champions, Osasuna’s solo goal: ganar para mantenerse en lo más alto

Real Madrid confirmed

Kepa; Dani Carvajal, Aurelian Chumeni, Antonio Rudiger, Ferland Mendy; Federico Valverde, Eduardo Camavinga, Luca Modric; Jude Bellingham; Joselu Vinicius.

Osasuna Air confirms

Sergio Herrera; Ruben Pena, David Garcia, Alejandro Catina, Alvaro Juan Cruz Armada; Jon Mon Caiola, Lucas Toro, Aymar Oroz; Ruben Garcia, Ante Budimir and Ruben Pena.

What’s the difference between Real Madrid and Osasuna? Horario, Canal de TV and online streaming

  • Dia: October 7
  • Hora: Spain 16:15 (Canary Islands 15:15, Argentina 11:15, US Eastern Time 10:15, CDMX 8:15)
  • court: Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid
  • TV channel:
    • Spain: La Liga Mobilestar
    • Argentina: sports
    • Unify the country: Destroyer
    • Mexico:Sky Sports
  • Streaming media:
    • Spain: Mobilestar+
    • Argentina: De Ge
    • Unify the country: +
    • Mexico: blue departure

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