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Review: Prime Video’s “Totally Killer”


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Back in 2003, when Ron Maybe said, “Time travel, it’s a cornucopia of disturbing concepts.” Kim Possible: Needle of Time, he is doing something. Depending on the rules set by the movie or TV show and time travel, it can get complicated quickly. However, if done correctly, someone’s mischief and misadventures can be fascinating. Prime Video explores the concept of time travel in its new movie Total killer, use it to answer an interesting philosophical question. If you could go back in time and stop the killer, would you?

I think most people would be quick to answer yes, but the idea of ​​looking back and changing important moments in history could change the timeline significantly. Would you still make this decision if it harmed others at the expense of your mission?These dilemmas are boiled down to the basic building blocks of the script David Matalon, Sasha Per-Laverand Jean DeAngelo. Total killer By Nanachka Khan,executive producer Don’t trust B in Apartment 23, Just got off the shipand young rock.

Video should be prioritized Total killer Is it on your watch list this Halloween season? Just read on to find out.

(Warning: spoilers from Total killer as follows! )

Four murders and 35 years Total killer

“Do you want to hear a story, it’s a disturbing story” is definitely a striking way to start the movie and sets the tone for what to expect from the movie Total killer. As the plot unfolds, viewers learn that decades ago in 1987, three teenage girls were murdered by the Sweet Sixteen Killer. These murders had a lasting impact on the town and those who were alive at the time, but for younger generations, their deaths had no lasting impact.

This difference in perspective and experience is what Jamie (Kiernan Shipka) and Pam’s (Julie Bowen) relation. Pam is overprotective and wants to protect her daughter from the fate that killed her friend. However, Jamie despises his mother’s lifestyle and wishes there was some room to grow under her oppressive shadow. The conflict quickly erupted because Jamie wanted to attend a concert on Halloween. Her mother was vehemently opposed to this approach, which was almost understandable.

Jamie (Kiernan Shipka). Total Killer (Main Video).

More obviously, maybe Pam was justified in being attacked, while her husband Blake (Lochlyn Munro) drove Jamie and her friends to the concert. The attacker shows up at the house, wearing the same creepy mask the Sweet Sixteen killer wore years ago and brandishing a knife. The two struggled, but what the murderer thought was an easy kill turned out to be much more difficult. Pam had secured her world with every possible protective measure manageable and prepared for it every night. Alas, it wasn’t enough to save her.

Filled with grief, Jamie becomes adrift, searching for answers that don’t exist. However, she knows deep down that she must stop the Sweet Sixteen Killer at all costs. So when her friend Amelia (Kelsey Mavima) invented a time travel machine, Jamie seized the opportunity to return to 1987 and stop the murderer before he started, changing the course of history forever.

In 1987, Jamie discovers a disturbing truth

Surprisingly, Amelia’s invention worked better than I expected from a public high school science course. However, before she can travel through time, she is attacked by a present-day killer who stabs the time machine’s control panel with a knife. The situation certainly complicates things, but with the help of Amelia’s mother Lauren (Troy Leigh-Anne Johnson), maybe she can accomplish both tasks.

However, before Jamie faces the killer and repairs the time machine, she discovers something even more uncomfortable. The reality is that her teenage mother (Olivia Holt) is the queen bee of high school, but not in a good way. Her image of her mother as a gentle, cautious adult is shattered when she learns that teenage Pam rules the school with an iron fist. Everyone hates her or fears her, and some easily fall into either camp.

The discovery is difficult for Jamie to digest, but that doesn’t stop her from completing her mission. A mission that no one believed in. How do you convince those around you that a murder is about to occur when there is no evidence? Taking the initiative clearly isn’t going to work, so in order to stop the Sweet Sixteen murders, Jamie must take matters into his own hands.

Jamie (Kiernan Shipka) and Pam (Olivia Holt). Total Killer (Main Video).

In doing so, Jamie began to change the course of history, an impact that people today are starting to notice. Can Jamie figure out who the killer is and prevent the girls’ deaths? More importantly, can she do it without changing history? She definitely can’t do it alone, but she can team up with Lauren, teenage Pam, and her teenage dad (Charles Gillespie), while the other girls are going to be murdered, she might still have a chance. However, to add insult to injury, she must return before Jamie’s phone runs out of battery or she’ll be stranded in 1987. Total killer Take these steps and build an ending that wraps them all up in a beautiful package, perfect for Halloween.

positive and negative Total killer

Total killer As is the style in 2020, a good mix of horror and comedy weird. Perhaps that’s not surprising, since both are made by Blumhouse. There are certainly some very gruesome parts, including a graphic stabbing of the murderer’s hand. There are also some jump scares and scenes that use loud music to induce a sense of terror. Some of the techniques may seem cheap as they create a feeling of horror without actually being frightening, but the tried and true horror tactics come together well thanks to the comedic aspect.

The movie is also very funny and has some moments that are very reminiscent of Bottoms. Rather than shying away from its absurdity, the film embraces these vibes and makes it an Olympic sport. The comedy is meta at times, poking fun at how stupid and idiotic horror movies are at their core.because Total killer Having the laughs instead of trying to ignore them makes the movie that much more entertaining. Horror does not specifically mean that it has to be intense or scary, a fact that Blumhouse recognized. There’s no better moment than to laugh out of fear at how stupid it all is.

That’s not to say there aren’t problems with the stories or logic behind some decisions. Again, I can recognize that horror movies aren’t known for their strong logic, but there are situations where our characters should have a little more to think about. Jamie must stop the killer so she can return home. If we’re worried about battery drain, why don’t we turn off our iPhone? This retains power and gives Jamie more time to figure everything out on her end.

These points are minor as far as the overall story is concerned, but I think with some explanation or thought the script could have been elevated to a better level.Regardless of the story, I still really enjoyed this movie, especially the actors’ performances Kiernan Shipka and Olivia Holt. Both heroines performed well in their respective roles, giving them similar growth journeys. Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan’s characters in Blame Friday. However, through the shenanigans of time travel, the two get to know each other better, especially Jamie, who has a newfound appreciation for her mother after witnessing her as a teenager. It’s hard to pick a favorite between the two because I don’t think the movie would be as good if one of the two actresses hadn’t been in it.

final thoughts Total killer

Overall, I really enjoyed watching this movie. There’s no way it’s going to win an Oscar, but not every movie needs to be that way to be enjoyed. This is the perfect Halloween popcorn movie, full of scares and laughs. I think it’s worth your time, especially since the only investment is your time and of course your Amazon Prime subscription.So if you’re looking for something that will appeal to the horror lovers and comedians in your family, you should check this out Total killer Better sooner rather than later.

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Total killer Currently streaming on Prime Video. If you plan on seeing the film, let us know on social media @mycosmiccircus or on The Cosmic Circus Discord.

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