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Logically, a hit like “Rolling In The Deep” should change the entire music industry. Here we have a song that went against all popular trends but still became the biggest hit single of 2011. During the Dayglo EDM era of the early ’00s, a raw, naked breakup song broke through all barriers and captivated just about everyone.Every listener knows a popular song even in theory Can arrival. “Rolling In The Deep” should be “smells like teen spirit.” It should be “Nuthin’ But A ‘G’ Thang.” It should be “I want to hold your hand.” None of these.

“rolling in The Deep” did Change everything, but only for Adele. Adele was already quite famous and respected before the first single from her second album elevated her to superstar status. But after that. Adele has undoubtedly become the greatest pop singer of the 21st century. She has sold records in quantities that would have been considered unimaginable in the previous download era. She was selling records like Garth Brooks, and that was 1996. Adele doesn’t do any of the conventional things a pop superstar should do. She didn’t record collaborations or release elaborate music videos. She barely even toured.She is still huge.

However, if you look at the list of No. 1 hits immediately following “Rolling In The Deep,” you’ll notice that the only songs that sound like Adele are other Adele songs. Rather than leading a resurgence of old-fashioned old lady vocals and heartbreaking breakup songs, Adele has become a huge exception to all the rules. Other superstars of the 21st century, Taylor Swift and Drake, make music that fits in with everything that’s going on in pop music. Adele doesn’t do that. She would disappear for years at a time, then come back with another set of old-school ballads that sold astonishingly. This is an unprecedented career. His career didn’t start with “Rolling In The Deep,” but it certainly hinged on that song.

Adele’s rise to the top of the US pop charts is not entirely without context. Adele has said many times that she owes her career almost entirely to Amy Winehouse, a singer who came out of London a few years before her and proved the public’s appetite for emotional rawness in old-school pop A real appetite for soul songs. .Winehouse’s 2006 breakthrough album back to black An absolute sensation in the UK. In the United States, Winehouse did well, with her biggest hit, “Rehab,” reaching number nine. (It’s a 9.) Winehouse’s chaos is at the heart of her art and the subject of most of her best songs.But the confusion bothered her and she never followed up back to black Before drug addiction took her life. She died at the age of 27, just months after Adele debuted at number one on the Hot 100.

In the wake of Amy Winehouse came a wave of British artists: white female soul singers with retro sensibilities and no particular desire to appeal to the dance-pop zeitgeist of the day. In the late 00s, there was a lot of hype surrounding retro-soul singers after Winehouse, and some of them made an impact. Duffy’s single “Mercy” reached number 27 on the US charts. Among them was Joss Stone, who had several minor hits on the Hot 100. And then there’s Adele, whose career could have gone in a similar direction if she hadn’t taken some lucky opportunities.

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins is the daughter of a teenage single mother in London. (When Adele was born, Whitney Houston’s “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” was the number one song in the US. In the UK it was “Theme From S’Express” by S’Express, which was an absolute hit. ) Adele’s father is “Adele’s” father. Her mother is pictured working odd jobs: masseuse, furniture maker, office administrator. Adele fell in love with her mother’s R&B records and eventually landed a place at the British School, the same performing arts institution Amy Winehouse attended. When she was about to graduate, Adele recorded a three-song demo and a friend posted it on MySpace. XL Recordings, a London record label known for clubby, hipster-friendly names like MIA and Basement Jaxx, contacted Adele and signed her as quickly as possible. Looking back, it’s crazy that Adele ended up with XL Records – a bit like Céline Dion spending her entire career as an Astralwerks recording artist.

Adele was just 19 when she released her debut single “Hometown Glory” in 2007, which became a huge hit in the UK, reaching number 19. Her follow-up, the majestic ballad “Chasing Pavements,” was much bigger, going all the way to No. 2 there.Adele’s debut album 19 The album made an immediate impact in the UK, and her management struck a deal with XL and Columbia to release the record in the United States. for a long time, 19 Trapped in America. Adele toured the United States, but she canceled a lot of dates and stayed home with her boyfriend, and the record lost a lot of momentum.However, at the end of the year, Adele was booked saturday night live as musical guest. That episode guest-starred as Sarah Palin, who’s running for vice president and desperate to counteract Tina Fey’s devastating impression. The show received high ratings, and “Chasing Pavements” became an instant hit, eventually ranking 21st here.

after that saturday night live Adele’s performance 19 The album won a gold medal. (It’s now triple platinum.) At the 2009 Grammy Awards, Adele won Best New Artist, the same award Amy Winehouse had won a year earlier. In the category, Adele beat out the Jonas Brothers, Jazmin Sullivan, retro-soul singer Duffy and the country trio known at the time as Lady Antebellum. (The Jonas Brothers would eventually appear in this column.) Adele soon began working on her second album.Initially, she wanted to make something more upbeat and modern than what she had done before 19, but the early recording process was not smooth. Adele’s manager paired her with Paul Epworth, a British producer known for his work with indie bands including Bloc Party, The Futureheads and Florence & The Machine Known for collaboration. Adele wasn’t sure about working with someone with that resume, so she just got drunk with him and they hit it off. Then Adele’s boyfriend broke up with her and everything changed.

Adele has never revealed that her ex was the catalyst for nearly all of her albums twenty one. She just said that he was her first real relationship and that he was ten years older than her. He introduced her to many things, but her friends couldn’t stand him. The day after their split, Adele hit the studio with Paul Epworth. She was heartbroken.Later Adele told independent“, “I’m never angry, but I’m ready to kill. I walked in crying and said, “Let’s write a ballad.” (Epworth) said, “Absolutely not!” I wanted to write an intense song. ’” That intense song turned out to be “Rolling In The Deep.”

The title of “Rolling Abyss” is interesting.It conjures up images of ships bobbing on the sea, but Adele says it’s her idea to subvert the slang Roll deep – Like, showing up with a supportive group of people. Adele thought she would have this person forever, but now her back is gone. There’s heartbreak in “Rolling In The Deep,” but the song is more focused on her heavy, resonant rage: “Finally, I can see you clearly/Keep selling me out and I’ll take the shit out of you Exposed.” In the chorus, Adele laments that they could have had it everything is fine, she was shaking with anger because this guy dared to mess it all up.adele told rotate“It was me saying, ‘Get out of my house,’ not me begging him to come back.”

“Rolling In The Deep” is a simple song, but it doesn’t really belong to any particular genre. It’s definitely not the self-aware retro soul that Adele and her peers sing about, although it has some of that in its DNA. Adele herself calls it a “gospel disco” song, but she says it was also inspired by the country and southern blues she heard while touring the United States. Adele really loves her tour bus driver and this is his music.inside rotate In the story, Adele said, “He listened to all this amazing country music, and we would rock out late at night, chain-smoking, listening to Rascall Flatts. That was really special to me. It’s exciting because I never grew up around (music).” This may come up a lot in columns, but Adele seems like a really interesting topic.

There are some howling exercises in Adele’s records, but she primarily made a name for herself in the world by singing big, stately ballads. This is not “rolling in the deep”. Instead, “Rolling In The Deep” is a unique record, a one-off. Adele wrote the song with Paul Epworth, who played most of the instruments. Adele sang her own harmonies and added her own high-heeled clicks to the percussion track.Adele and Epworth’s original recording was originally just a demo, and Adele intended to re-record it with Rick Rubin, who produced some of the other tracks on her album twenty one. But she liked the version she made with Epworth so much that she simply released the demo.

“Rolling In The Deep” gets so much airplay that it’s hard for me to hear it with fresh ears. I’ve always loved this song, but I never understood how it became such a runaway train. This song does have some propulsion. Adele’s voice is powerful and overwhelming, and she brings raw, tangible rage without losing composure. Despite the simple beat, I think the song sounds less like disco and more like the Mumford/Lumineers folk revival that would become popular shortly after. (perhaps That is “Rolling In The Deep” made an impact on the music industry. ) I think Adele could be a fierce dancing diva if she wanted to, and I prefer her XL remix of “Rolling In The Deep” by label member Jamie xx, which shows her How well the sound works in a club environment.

Still, “Rolling In The Deep” is a juggernaut. It touched every aspect of the music-listening crowd and became the hottest song of 2011. The song lingered on the Hot 100 chart for more than a year and stayed at the top of the Adult Contemporary chart for 19 weeks.It has also made it to the charts of almost every genre advertising billboard There’s – R&B, mainstream rock, Latin pop. At the 2012 Grammy Awards, Adele swept it all. “Rolling In The Deep” wins song of the year award and best record of the year, also twenty one Won Album of the Year Award. During the telecast, Gwyneth Paltrow introduced Adele, who then belted out an unpretentious version of “Rolling In The Deep.”

When Rolling In The Deep fell from No. 1, Adele’s album twenty one It’s double platinum.It would go on to sell many, many copies and become the closest thing to horror filmA phenomenon that has not yet appeared in this century. The single “Rolling In The Deep” also sold many copies. Its platinum sales are now eight times as high. “Rolling In The Deep” became a karaoke staple, played billions of times. The song has persisted to this day, so much so that Donald Trump used it as hype music for his campaign rallies for a while, over Adele’s objections. “Rolling In The Deep” was Adele’s turning point, the song that transformed her from a promising young star to a full-blown cultural phenomenon. More clicks followed. We’ll see more of Adele in this column.

grade: 7/10

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