Some fans traveled for hours hoping to see Taylor Swift in Minneapolis


Despite numerous rumors and sightings over the past few days, Swift is not traveling to Minneapolis to watch the Chiefs take on the Vikings at U.S. Bank Stadium.

FOX 9 crews never spotted the star at the stadium. CBS broadcasters also later announced that Swift was not attending the game, much to Swift’s disappointment.

The popular singer has made waves in recent weeks, attending two Chiefs games in Kansas City and New Jersey and romanced Chiefs star tight end Travis Kelce. For the NFL, having Swift is good for business because ratings improve.

Speculation has been rife in Minnesota in recent days, with fans hoping Swift would make a stop in Minneapolis, with multiple sightings reportedly taking place around the city.

In Minneapolis-St. Swift’s plane was reportedly found on the tarmac at the Sao Paulo airport. Others claim she stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel or spent the night on the town. On Twitter, someone faked a picture showing Swift’s plane taking off from Nashville to Minneapolis. Inside the stadium, a Kansas City reporter discovered a TV sign sticker that read “Tay Tay.”

Inside the stadium, fans held signs in support of Swift, with one fan writing: “I flew from Boston looking for Taylor Swift.” Others wore Taylor Swift-themed jerseys. Outside the stadium, FOX 9 spoke with several fans hoping to catch a glimpse of the award-winning singer.These include Two friends from North Dakota He drove to Minneapolis wearing a Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Chiefs jersey.

“So Liz spent 7.5 hours on the whole drive writing on these signs, and then I printed these little pieces of paper for her to cut out,” Leah Voigt explains.

“Leah thought of all of it, she was the brains behind it all,” Liz Prather added.

“Liz really wanted to go and her boyfriend needed to go pheasant hunting, so I was the temporary boyfriend,” Leah concluded.

If she shows up, Swift will know her way around the building. She just played two sold-out shows at U.S. Bank Stadium last summer.

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