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Songs are selected by artists and producers


Albums, mixtapes, singles, soundtrack songs, collaborations, features, one of the biggest tours of the year — it seems like every day Drake is adding to his vast discography, with the release ET today Launched at 6am, For All the Dogs has grown to nine full-length albums since 2010 (four released in just over two years) and seven mixtapes since 2006 ,etc.

Their sessions are always long AF too, with working hours of an hour or more, clocking in at nearly 85 minutes across 23 songs, and “Dogs” is no exception. It’ll take our reviewers a minute to digest, so in the meantime, let’s take a look at the features, songwriters, and producers, with one song (“Rich Baby Daddy”) having as many as 13 writers, up to There are only 13 authors. Drake and a few others.

They’re always packed with features, too, and this one doesn’t disappoint: SZA, Bad Bunny, 21 Savage, J Cole, Chief Keef, Sexyy Red, Yeat, and multiple appearances from Lil Yachty (both rapping and producing). Frank Ocean appears on the opener, “Virginia Beach,” but that appears to be a spoken word sample.

However, some fans were unhappy with the absence of Drake’s longtime friend and former Young Money labelmate Nicki Minaj, who Drake said in July would appear on the album. (Maybe they’ll save it for a deluxe edition, or even her upcoming “Pink Friday 2” album?)

Dig a little deeper below, courtesy of, which provides details on the contributors as well as the lyrics (though give them a moment to explain them – the album was just released a few hours ago!).

1. Virginia Beach

Produced by 40 and Harley Arsenault

Screenwriters: Drake (40), Harley Arsenault, Malay and Frank Ocean

2. Amen (Teezo touchdown)

Featuring Teezo’s touchdown

Produced by Sango, Budgie Beats and Teezo Touchdown

Written by Drake and Tizzo Touchdown

3. Calling You (21st Savage)

21 barbarian

Produced by: Lil Yachty, PoWR Trav, Jaystolaa, 40, Gentuar Memishi, Glyn Brown and Cash Cobain

Written by Drake and 21 Savage

4. Fear of heights

Produced by OZ, Nik D, Pooh Beatz, xynothing and BNYX®

Author: Drake

5. Daylight

Produced by Southside, Smatt Sertified and T9C

Author: Drake

6. First Person Shooter (Ft. J. Cole) Lyrics

Works starring J. Cole

Produced by: Tay Keith, Boi-1da, FNZ, OZ, Coleman and Vinylz

Writers: Drake, J. Cole, Boi-1da, Coleman, Zac, Finatik, OZ, Vinylz and Tay Keith

7.IDGAF (yet feet)

Starring Yeite

Produced by BNYX® and Sebastian Shah

Written by Yeat, BNYX®, Sebastian Shah and Drake

8.7969 Santa Claus

Produced by Nyan, Alex Lustig, Jahaan Sweet and BNYX®

Written by Drake and Tizzo Touchdown

9. “Slime, Come Out” (Ft.SZA)

Included in SZA

Produced by BNYX®, Grant Lapointe, Noel Cadastre, 40, Drake and D10

Authors: Drake, SZA, BNYX®, Grant Lapointe, Noel Cadastre, 40, D10, and Chris Powell

10. Bahamas Commitment

Produced by Jahaan Sweet and Ray “Quasi” Nelson

Author: Drake

11. Do your best

Produced by Jahaan Sweet & 40

Written by Drake, Jahaan Sweet and 40

12. Screw the World (Interlude)

DJ screw making

Author: DJ screw

13. Draw Picasso

Produced by Young Troy, Tommy Parker, SAUCEboy, TheBoyKam, Dnny Phntm, 40 and Eli Brown

Author: Drake

14. Members only (Ft. PartyNextDoor)


Produced by Stwo & 40

Written by Drake, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Stwo and 40

15. What would Pluto do?

Produced by Lil Yachty, Bangs (producer), BNYX® and Gentuar Memishi

Author: Drake

16. All Parties (Ft. Chief Keef)

as chief keef

Produced by BNYX®, Boi-1da, Fierce, Coleman, Maneesh, Harley Arsenault and Jdolla

Author: Drake

17. Charlotte 8 a.m.

Produced by Conductor Williams and Mario Luciano

Composer: Drake, Conductor Williams, Mario Luciano and Jason Wool

18. BBL Love (Interlude)

Children’s masterpiece making

Written by Drake, Teezo Touchdown and Kid Masterpiece

19. Gently (Bad Bunny)

Bad Bunny’s works

Produced by OZ, Nik D and Gordo

Writers: Drake, Bad Bunny, OZ, Nik D and Gordo

20. Rich Baby Daddy (Ft. Sexyy Red & SZA)

Featuring Sexy Red and SZA

Produced by Gordo, Klahr, LIOHN, BNYX®, TheLoudPack, UV Killin Em and Dougie F

Writers: Drake, BNYX®, Gordo, Klahr, LIOHN, UV Killin Em, Dougie F, Sexyy Red, Mac Felländer-Tsai, Isabella Summers, Florence Welch, IsThisShiv and SZA

21. Another Late Night (Ft. Lil Yachty)

as Lil Yachty

Produced by Lil Yachty and ChildBoy

Written by Drake, Lil Yachty and ChildBoy

22. Far from home

Produced by Lil Yachty, SadPony, BNYX®, Justin Raisen and Lukas

Author: Drake

23. Polar opposition

Produced by: Lil Yachty, Anthoine Walters, The Beat Menace, 40, Gentuar Memishi and Bangs

Writers: Drake, 40, The Beat Menace, Anthoine Walters, Lil Yachty, Gentuar Memishi & Bangs

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