Sony confirms PS5 Slim will still support expandable storage


In order to meet the storage needs of gamers, Sony has officially confirmed that its PS5 Slim console will maintain its expandable storage capabilities, ensuring that players will still have the option to add additional storage space to the console when needed.

A PlayStation spokesperson told IGN via email that there are “no changes to the new model” of the PS5 Slim, which means removing the console’s back panel and manually installing an additional SSD.

Either way, the PS5 Slim will pack more memory than the launch version, with 1TB of internal SSD storage instead of the 825GB on the launch model (only 667GB will be available). Still, the PS5 Slim’s continued support for expandable storage is a big plus for those looking to buy into the redesign.

With many of the biggest games being released on Sony’s ninth-generation home console, and with large file sizes, the option to add an M.2 SSD to expand system storage is a nice feature, especially when you consider that last month’s software launch An update is coming that will allow support for additional SSD storage up to 8TB.

As with the launch model, you can’t put any M.2 SSD into the PS5. Sony has previously said that M.2 SSDs require PCIe Gen4, and while it says read speeds of at least 5,500MB/s are required, some user testing has found that M.2 SSDs with slower read speeds also work internally with the console.

Sony will release PS5 Slim next month. For more information, check out our article on how the PS5 Slim compares side-by-side to the launch model and the Xbox Series consoles. If you’re planning on buying a PS5 soon (slim or not), check out the best PS5 SSD deals.

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